Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can I Please Move to Nice France?

After Barcelona, we headed on over to Nice, France. For those of you who don't know, it isn't pronounced nice, like you are a nice is pronounced like "niece," like my nieces and nephews. No matter how it is pronounced, it is a gorgeous, gorgeous place. If I had to live there for the rest of my life, I would be more than pleased. Ocean, French culture, warm weather, great food....what more could you want?

We got another surprise from our hotel in Nice. Kinda cheesy but still fun. :) They also left us two bottles of tomato and olive spread to put on a baguette. Thanks NH hotel!
The thing that sets Nice apart from other places in France is the amazing ocean view. We spent alot of time just staring in awe at the views and the beautiful scenery. Here are some pictures:
One thing that I love about Europe is how people play music on the streets, metro, all over the place. Check this cool French dude out on his accordian.....
This man was sitting up by one of the scenic view spots. He was just chilling out and playing his little accordion to make some money. The music was really good and he totally set the mood. I told Nate that I definitely feel like I am Europe right now. It was just perfect. 
An orange tree just planted right on the side of the street that was full of oranges. In fact, there were orange trees lining both sides of the street. I love fruit trees and I don't get to see a tree full of oranges very often. I kept on thinking, well who gets to pick and eat the fruit if it isn't on anyones property?
On one of our days in Nice, we took a drive to some surrounding towns that were recommended to us to go and see. One of them was a little medieval town called St. Paul de Vence, that was full of art galleries. The whole town had artists working in the little rooms with their art displayed all over. What a great place to live and be an artist with all the amazing views and scenery! Such a cute place!
You know you are in style when your car, window shutters and front door on your house match. Now that is cool. Love the bright blue color.
One night we went and walked along the beach. I guess you could say that we went for a, "romantic long walk on the beach...." :) The water was freezing. There were couples making out everywhere. It was quite humorous. There were groups of people practicing juggling tricks and a beautiful sunset in the sky. It was a memorable night.
This is a typical scene that you might see all over France. People don't have dryers in their homes. They also don't have a yard to hang up a clothes line to sun dry their clothes. So what do they do? Hang their clothes outside of their window for everyone to see.
This was our favorite treat that we discovered in Nice. It is a famous gelato shop that has been around for years. They have 2 different shops just around the corner from each other. They are that busy! They have 97 different flavors. They blow Baskin Robbins out of the water with their meager 31 flavors. And let me tell you, it was amazing and so cheap. We went their 3 times in one day! My favorite flavors were salted carmel, dulce de leche, cinnamon cookie, Rocher hazelnut, Bounty chocolate coconut bar, and chocolate orange. All I can say is wow. They also have some weird flavors as well that we didn't try like cactus, tomato basil, avocado, thyme, and rose. I don't think those would have been my favorite.
 We also ate a lot of good food from pastry and bread shops. There was one shop that was constantly restocking their croissants with new hot ones that just came out of the oven. Talk about heavenly. We fell in love with their quiches as well, not to mention their little pizza bread rolls. Have I mentioned that I love French food? :)
But we also broke away from the French food for one night because we had had enough and needed something with a little more spice to it instead of so much butter and richness. So we went to an Indian restaurant! I know random.....going to an Indian restaurant while visiting France...but it was good to have a change.

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