Saturday, May 12, 2012

British Fish and Chips and "The Dictator" Movie Premiere

I got home from work yesterday and Nate said, "Lets go get some fish and chips!" I said, "Really?" He said, "Ya....we live in London, and I think we need to try it."

We have been in London since September and we hadn't eaten fish and chips yet. I know, sounds lame, but I am just not that into fish or any kind of seafood. And secondly, I am not that into fried foods. Finally, I don't really love chips (fries) and I try not to eat them. So the whole idea of eating fish and chips didn't seem that pleasing to me. One time we saw a restaurant that did vegetarian fish and chips which intrigued me. But then I found out it was just a big chunk of cheese that they dip in batter and fried and I was thinking.....uh, probably not. So, ya, we hadn't tried it. Until tonight.....

Nate did some research of the best place to eat fish and chips in London. We had heard that there are some pretty bad places and you shouldn't go because it is gross. But there are a few ones here and there that are exceptional. So Nate found one that had great reviews that we decided to try. It was called, "Master's Super Fish."
We walked in and since it just opened for the day, we were the only ones there. It was a hole in the wall type of place and very old and British looking. Nothing fancy about it at all. There were pictures of piles of fish on the wall and fishermen working their trade. Simple, British, and traditional is how I would describe it. Nate read that it is a favorite place for British "cabbies," so they are called. Cabbies is a nickname for the black cab drivers or the taxi drivers. They eat here on a regular basis.

They came out with some free appetizers for us. One was good and the other....well, it was quite interesting! The good one was just plain bread and butter. Nothing fancy. The other one was whole shrimp, with the shell, legs, and eyes still on them. I was completely grossed out. Nate kept on putting it up by my face and making it "swim" towards me because he knew it freaked me out. :) Nate ate most of them. Nate would rip the heads off and you could see the brain guts inside. And there was a pregnant one too. When we opened it up, there were eggs everywhere! Sick!
So I decided to play it safe and I ordered the chicken and chips instead of fish and chips, thinking I would just have a few bites of Nate's and try it. This ended up being good to do because Nate's came out and it was huge! 3 times as big as my chicken! One thing that is different about London fish and other places is that they leave the skin on the fish. They gave us both tons of chips. We also ordered mushy peas which is a huge British thing. It is just like green peas that have been mashed into baby food, but with still a lot of chunks to it. Not really that good, but not bad either. I guess you have to be a pea person. I still prefer just regular old whole peas I think.
I left the restaurant kind of feeling sick inside with all the fried stuff I just ate and fishy smell lingering on my clothing and hands. Nate turned to me while walking home and said that his stomach hurt. But I also was glad that we had the British fish and chips experience. Finally. We couldn't go home and have people ask us about the fish and chips in London and tell them that we never tried it. That would be lame. Now we are true Londoners. :)

On the way home, we happened to run into something cool...."The Dictator" movie premiere! Here are some pictures of the main actor from the movie, Sacha Baron Cohen, going down the red carpet.....

We snapped a few pictures and then went home. We were lucky that we were walking right there when we did or we would have missed it! Can't wait to watch the movie now!

I can't believe that we live about 5 minutes walking distance away from things like this that are going on. It is kind of unreal at times and sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I love living in a big city and experiencing all the fun things that are going on literally right in our backyard!

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