Friday, May 4, 2012


Barcelona Spain! This is a gorgeous seaside town that we fell in love with. The whole time we were there I kept on thinking, "I could totally live here." It had a Hawaiian vibe to it but with a mix of European Spanish culture. Despite it being the "pickpocket capital of the world," it was great. We just had to make sure that we were always well aware of our bags and pockets or we might go home with something missing without even noticing! They are so quick and very professional at it. We were only there for a short time but it was worth the long drive to get there. The weather was beautiful too which made things even better.

After we got into our hotel for the night, we ventured out into the city a bit to find some good Spanish food. We stumbled upon a place called, "La Barquette." It was pretty late at night so we were the only ones in there besides one other lady. They treated us very well. Our appetizer was interesting. They brought us out two large pieces of toast and then a basket full of tomatoes and garlic. He told us to take the tomatoes (cut in half) and garlic and rub it onto the toast really hard until it was all coated. Then to pour some olive oil on top and some salt. At first I was thinking that it was weird that they were making us do it ourselves, but then it was actually really good and really fun to make, and I think I will try it at home now. Next, we got an apple chicken salad with a coconut dressing. In the picture above you can see our main dish of skewers. They brought it out with a unique display I thought, with the food hanging in the air. It was so much fun.

The next morning we woke up and got some breakfast room service, and then headed out to the city. Our first stop was an obvious one. Most people who go to Barcelona go to this amazing building......
 Yes, you guessed it. The Sagrada Familia Church. I had seen this church in pictures before but in person you realize just how detailed it really is. It is such a unique building unlike any other church I have ever visited. It has so much texture on the outside. They also have in the front and back, statues that they have carved that tell different Bible stories. It was fascinating. Each group of sculptures that were attached to the building depicted different parts of Christ's life and if you went around the whole building with your eyes, the whole story was unfolded to you. It was really touching. The inside was really modern looking and so unusual compared to other churches. It almost had a whimsical feeling to it.
 After our church visit, we headed to the center of town. It was so gorgeous and I loved soaking up the rays of the sun. The ocean was beautiful and the boats all along the harbor were fun to look at and walk by.
 There were some fun street performers that we saw. This lady was awesome. She danced with this huge hula hoop and it was amazing. She would spin it and dance around it and then dance inside of it while holding on.
 There were a bunch of street vendors selling yummy Spanish foods. They had a churro stand that looked heavenly so of course we stopped. I got a dulce de leche filled churro and Nate got a chocolate covered churro.
 The beach was gorgeous. The whole time we were just wishing that we had more time there and could spend a day laying out on the beach and playing in the water. Too bad we had to get going just after a day.
 Here was our view from our hotel window. We were on the 17th floor! The hotel was my favorite hotel probably that I have ever stayed in besides the one that we stayed in for our real honeymoon in Park City. It was called ME Barcelona. Our room was decorated in red, black and silver and it had a modern romantic type of vibe to it. Here is what they wrote on our mirror in red lipstick:
We also were greeted with chocolate covered strawberries when we got there waiting for us in our room on a little platter. And of course....another bottle of wine that we couldn't drink. We didn't give that bottle to anyone like we did in Paris, so hopefully they didn't think we were being ungrateful.

We had a great time in Barcelona and wish that we could go back. It was a fun quick trip, and we wished it was longer, but we had to move on to our next destination.....Nice, France! But first a 6 hour drive.....

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