Monday, April 23, 2012

Paris,The City of Romance

I have wanted to go to Paris ever since I was a little girl. I have always been fascinated with France and its culture. I love French food and especially the language. I think it is the most beautiful sounding language. I took two years of French in high school and if I could go back and do it again, I would have studied more. I would have taken extra time out of class to memorize and practice as much as I could to develop that language skill. Instead, I treated it like another boring class to get a good grade in and then was done with it, never to think of it again. No one told me that it would have been cool to be fluent in French, so I didn't really take it seriously! I also wish I also would have taken French classes in college to further that skill. Oh well. Everyone has regrets in life. 

Anyway, Nate and I flew into Paris on Tuesday night, the 3rd of April. We have been anticipating this visit for a long time now. We were both so excited to be there! We stayed at the Marriott and it was so nice. Like I said before, we told them it was our honeymoon so they treated us like gold. They upgraded our room so we had a larger nicer room than what we paid for. We got into our room and they had matching robes and slippers for both of us. And of course the french macaroons and wine like I posted about before.....  The bed was so comfortable, the best one out of all the hotels we stayed at, and they had a Book of Mormon in the night stand. I guess they knew we were coming!.....actually....the Marriott hotels are owned by a Mormon guy, so that is a normal thing to see. :)

Here are some highlights of some of the things that we saw and did during our stay in Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower- Of course we had to see this and get a picture. This is the first night that we were there. We saw it in the light first and then later that night. It was so beautiful when it was lit up. Then after dark, they do a lighting show every 10 minutes where the tower sparkles and lights up even more. It was really pretty. We didn't get a chance to go to the top of it this trip because we thought it wouldn't be a good time with the foggy weather. So we are planning on hopefully doing this on our next visit. 

Site #2........

2. The Louvre Museum- This is the museum to top all museums! I think if you go here you don't need to ever go to another museum again because this place covers it all. It is massive. The line to get in was so long, so good thing we bought the fast pass tickets where you get to skip the line! The building used to be an old palace for the French Royal Family. It was amazing inside and there was so much to see. The building itself was amazing to see as well as the paintings and artefacts inside. We went there for a whole day and didn't even see everything! There was just too much. Here are some pics from the inside:

(Mona Lisa painting.....a must see)
(The famous ancient Greek statue of Venus de Milo)

(This is the apartment of Napoleon)

3 & 4. Arc de Triomphe and Arc du Carrousel-  Famous monuments in Paris that all tourists have on their, "I must see when I am in Paris" check list.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral- This building was gorgeous on the inside and out. We visited on Good Friday so there was a service going on when we went in. Even during the service, they allowed visitors to walk around the middle section and still see the inside. There were amazing stained glass windows. I remember watching the Disney movie, "Hunchback of Notre Dame," and not liking it very much, but now after visiting this famous building that the movie setting was based off of, I kind of want to watch it again. 

This last picture of Nate and I is during our bus tour. We decided to take a bus tour where you can hop on and hop off as much as you want all day long. It is a nice way to get around and see everything. During the ride, you listen to facts about the things that you are passing and stories about Paris through headphones. Then when we saw something that was cool that we wanted to see, we would get off and go to it, and then later catch another bus and keep on riding. It worked out great. 

6. Basilique du Sacre-Coeur Cathedral- Besides the Notre Dame, this is another famous Cathedral in Paris that is a must see. The cool thing about this cathedral is that it is way up on a hill so the view is amazing. It was a bit foggy so the picture isn't as great as it actually looked. It was gorgeous though. The building was amazing and there was a service going on as well here. There were a bunch of nuns in the service that were fun to see.

7. Shakespeare and Company Bookstore- Nate found this little gem on a travel guide for Paris and I am so glad we decided to go and check it out. It was the cutest little book store that I have ever been to. It was little and quaint and books everywhere. The ceilings were kind of low and it just felt like you were surrounded by books. There was an upper level as well. Loved it. Funny thing, the books were all in English! I bought a children's book here about the Eiffel Tower. Love it!
8. Flower Market- Or should I say "Fleur Market," as the French say it. They have flower markets everywhere in Paris. People buy them like they buy groceries. I am not that into flowers and I never buy them, but I think if I lived there I would totally buy fresh flowers every week to put on my kitchen table. I would own several hand painted glass vases and fill them full of different kinds of flowers. So pretty. 
Nate loves cars. When he sees nice expensive cars that he loves driving down the street or parked on the side of the road he usually says, "I have driven that car in a video game." Paris has tons of car shops full of the high end cars. We visited several of them. This little car we found and thought it would be perfect for us if we ever move back to Hawaii. It is electric and so cute and small. A perfect little beach car. 
While walking through the Tuileries Gardens in front of the Louvre the night before we left, we saw these two Love Birds up in a tree. They were so cute as they snuggled up together and cooed. Paris is definitely a romantic city! 
A beautiful Paris sunset the night before we left. It was absolutely gorgeous that day and the warmest day of the week. 
Yes, I bought a beret hat while in Paris. I just couldn't help myself. With my white coat and my white hat I told Nate that I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and if he tickled my side I would probably giggle. I did. :)  In this picture, I am holding our last bag of Laduree pastries and French macaroons to take back to our hotel with us.

Paris was definitely the prettiest city that we have been to. There are so many gorgeous buildings and parks to walk through. It was so fun just to walk hand in hand with Nate while eating French pastries and enjoying the views and each others company. It was sad to see Paris go but we were excited to move on to our next adventure and explore through Southern France! Stay tuned!

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  1. As the song in Anastasia goes, "Paris holds the key to your heart!!" How romantic. *sigh* Just like the movies. And even though I know how small the Mona Lisa is, it always surprises me when I see people take pictures with it. What fun!