Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Day Full of Medieval Towns

Driving around Southern France and exploring with Nate was so much fun. We went to a ton of different medieval cities some with castles and some without. We never knew what was coming up next which kept it exciting! The first stop that we went to on this day was a cute little town called Bruniquel. There was hardly anyone there. It felt like we had stumbled upon this old deserted town that know one else knew about. We saw a few other people but it was mostly just us walking up and down the narrow streets, exploring and taking pictures. Here are some of the pictures that we took:

 Here was the castle that was on the top of the city built upon a huge rock. It was built in the 12th century. Most of the castles in France are built upon the highest rock in the area. They wanted to be protected from attackers and to be above the rest of the town so they could rule over it. 
 The old church of the city that people still worship in today!
Here are some pictures from the inside of the castle........
 It was old inside and amazing to see how these people lived here. On the left is a picture of their kitchen area where they did all the cooking. On the right is their bread baking oven area. Can you imagine cooking in here just with wood and a fire? I sure do love the joys of modern kitchen conveniences!
 Here is a view from one of the castle balconies. So beautiful! 
 An old living room area with a big fireplace. 
 Nate took these pictures of me from a castle window. I felt like a real princess from the top of her castle looking out of the window and gazing over the view of her kingdom. Or like Rapunzel letting her hair down for her mother to climb up into the small window.

The second town that we went to was called Cordes Sur Ciel. It was about a 30 minute drive from Bruniquel. Below is a picture of the city from far away as we were driving to it. We snapped a quick photo from the window. 

We hike up to the top of the town and saw a gorgeous view. You could see in the distance little church steeples and little towns. And of course we stopped at the pastry shop and got some treats to eat while we looked over the view. This was my favorite pastry that I had my entire time that I was in France. I had a chocolate mousse cake thing with layers of passion fruit filling. It was absolutely to die for.  I was literally contemplating going to get another one right after I finished it! Nate got a chestnut filled eclair dipped in chocolate. There were so many cute shops to explore through there as well on little narrow streets. I bought a cream lace scraf with brown polka dots that I fell in love with. 

Our last stop of the day was in Albi. This was a bigger town than the other two that we went to that day. We got some pictures by the famous bridge and then went out to dinner at a French restaurant. The place that we wanted to eat at was closed for some reason, so we had to just choose a place that we didn't know about. The restaurant was down in the basement of the building, and when we got down there, we realized that we didn't have any service on our phones.....which makes it difficult to order because the menu was completely in French......and the waiter didn't speak English. So we ordered completely blindly! When they brought our food out, luckily it was all stuff that we liked. It was quite the adventure.

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