Sunday, March 11, 2012

Young at Heart?

Yesterday, Nate and I went on a little stroll through the shopping district of London. We went to Oxford and Regent Street where all the high end shops are. It was fun to window shop and see all the amazing fashion displays that are out. We explored through different streets as well and found some really cool restaurants and stores that we hadn't noticed before. It was a fun evening. After going to Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt, we explored through Selfridges, a huge high end department store in central London. We got to one of the stores and they had massage chairs on display that you could sit in and test out. My back was actually killing me since doing a strength weight class at the gym at the beginning of the week, so I decided to try out the chair.
Plus, who doesn't always love a free massage? It looked kind of like this:
There were about 3 chairs available and 2 of them were full. I approach the lady who is letting people try them out to ask if I could give it a go. I ask her if I could have a try at the chair and motion to it, and she hesitates. I am wondering if maybe the store is closing or only "serious" customers can try out the chair, and maybe I didn't look serious enough like I was actually going to buy it? She then says, "Well, we ask that all the people who try out our massage chairs are over the age of you over the age of 16?" (She asked the question in a really doubting type of voice like for sure I was going to say no.) I laughed. I told her yes, I am actually 25. And she let me do the chair, and let me tell you, it was amazing.
So question. Do I really look younger than 16? Honestly, I was a little taken back by this lady and slightly offended. I feel like it is a compliment to think people look young, yes. But under 16? Really? It is only a compliment if they think you are like 18-20, because then you are still a woman and an adult. Under 16, well she is telling me that I look like a teenager/child. Ok, ok, I was wearing a "young" looking outfit. Sweatshirt with a youngerish design on the front, jeans, and a hat tilted to the side. But still.
Then I was thinking.....well "Young" is my maiden name. I guess it runs in the genes. Maybe my heritage just shines through and I will always be "Young at Heart," as well as in appearance. People tell my sisters that they look young all the time too. Anna once was told that she couldn't sit in the emergency exit seats of an airplane because you have to be over 16. I think she was 23 at the time. :) I know that when I am 30 or so, I am going to love "looking young," and be completely flattered when they think I am 20. Or when they think my daughter and I are sisters instead of mother and daughter. I know I will love that.
So just old do you think I look if you didn't already know me? Do I look under 16? Post your comments please.... :)

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