Thursday, March 22, 2012

Transportation Thoughts

As I was riding on the tube to work today, I had some thoughts go through my mind.

In London, I ride the tube pretty much where ever I need to go.
Here are some pics of what I see daily:

In the US, I drove a car to get where ever I needed to go.
Before we moved, I drove a Honda Nissan that looked kind of like this:

So today, I was thinking about tube vs. car.
I was comparing the two in my mind and listing the pros and cons of both.
What is the better mode of transportation?
Here is what I came up with...
Tube Pros-
1. It is reliable. I have only had one time when the train was held up and I couldn't get somewhere. Otherwise, you always know it is going to come.
2. You can hop on and off as many times as you like while you go from place to place.
3. You can get anywhere on the tube. The map is really easy to follow.
4. It is relaxing and stress free. All you do is just sit there and wait while they get you to where you need to go. No worries or driving stress. You just hop on, wait, and then get off.
5. You never have to worry about speeding or getting a ticket from a cop.
6. Great for people watching! You can't even imagine all the different kinds of people that you see everyday!
7. You can eat while you travel very easily.
8. You never have to worry about where you are going to park or paying for parking.
9. You never have to wonder where you parked your car and wander around the Walmart parking lot for a half hour looking for it. (Guilty!)
10. You can nap while you travel or snuggle up with your husband.
11. It keeps you connected. You get to read and look at all the ads and advertisements on the tube while riding. I have found out about lots of things through this!

Tube Cons-
1. You find yourself waiting, ALOT. You have to have patience, and just realize, you can't make your train come any faster.
2. You often are stuck smelling smells that come from other people for long periods of time... like BO, sweat, strong perfumes, weird foods, etc.
3. You are often cramped up against someone, (especially at rush hour), body to body, (close enough to kiss at times) but you have never met them before. Can be slightly awkward.
4. You have to worry about pick pocketers. Keep your purse close and your belongings tight in your pockets!
5. It is SO HOT down there that you think you might die at times. Especially when it is full of people. Even in the winter it was hot. You will be bundled up with a coat, hat, and scarf for the outside weather, but then have to take that all off while you ride from place to place. Lots of taking things on and off, on and off.
6. You have to hear, "Mind the gap," and "Stand clear of the doors...mind the doors, "Let passengers off the train first before boarding," etc.... a million times a day. It can get old.
7. You are stuck hearing peoples' conversations. The worst one I overheard was 2 gay guys talking about their partners with each other and how they did it together.
8. It is expensive! We pay so much for travel here it is ridiculous!
9. If you are eating while you are traveling, everyone stares at you. Kind of annoying.
10. For the mothers out there, riding the tube is so difficult with strollers. Strollers and many flights of stairs don't mix very well.
11. Sometimes you have to walk quite a long ways to find the nearest tube station.
12. If you accidentally leave something on the seat where you were sitting and forget to grab it before the doors close, you have lost it forever. (I lost my favorite pink polka dot scarf this way!)
13. Sometimes you find people staring at you. Can be freaky if it is a creepy guy. Every time you glance over, they quickly turn their eyes away. You want to just yell, "Stop staring!" But sometimes it isn't their fault because you are sitting directly across from them and there is really no where else for them to look.
14. You have to carry all your groceries and other bought items instead of just putting them in your trunk.

Car Pros-
1. It is there ready when you need it. You can leave when you want to leave.
2. You can travel at a temperature of your choice. Air conditioner? Heat? Window breeze? You got it.
3. You get to listen to anything you want at whatever volume you want, or even have silence!
4. It gives you independence and freedom.
5. You can talk on the phone while you are driving long distances and get two things done at once. Hey, at lights you could even get your makeup done as well! :)
6. You have your own personal little storage room where you can keep things. Backseat...trunk...
7. Drive through restaurants! Cars are so convenient! If you are hungry while driving, just pull over!
8. You get to pick out the kind of car that you drive and be unique in that way.
9. If you have a garage, you can just come out of your house and get right in. Easy!
10. Easy for families. Convenient for car seats and can hold many people.
11. You can have private talking time with the person whom you are driving with.

Car Cons-
1. Getting up early and going out in the cold winter days to scrape your windshield.
2. Paying for gas and car insurance.
3. Taking the time and waiting in line to fill up your gas tank when it is on empty.
4. Running out of gas and being stuck.
5. Car breaks or won't start= you are hosed for the day and just need to drop all of your plans.
6. Driving in the snow and sliding around the road.
7. Getting in accidents. Painful and expensive. And maybe even death.
8. Finding somewhere to park.....and then walking super far because because you had to park so far away.
9. Getting it washed and vacuumed. What a pain!
10. Flat tire. Hope you have a spare!
11. Losing your keys= you are completely stuck.
12. You will eventually have to buy a new one when the old one wears out.
13. Road rage!
14. You have to deal with other idiot drivers on the road with you.

So what do you think? Tube or car?

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