Saturday, March 10, 2012


On Monday we decided to take a day trip to Toledo Spain. Toledo used to be the capital of Spain until it was changed to Madrid. We got bus tickets for only 8 euros each round trip. It is an hour long ride south of Madrid and it was totally worth it! We wished that we would have gone to Toledo a day earlier because it was one of our favorite places. The pictures above of the archway are pictures of the "entrance into the city." What a grand way to enter! As we walked through the small narrow little streets, I felt like I had walked into a fairy tale book from olden times. It was so quaint and cute and looked like it did many years ago, where it felt like Madrid was more modernized. There were restaurants and shops nestled into the streets and cobblestone roads and pathways. I instantly fell in love with this little city and found it hard to part when the day was through.

There were cats everywhere in this city! We found this cat poking out of this little hole in the wall of the city. It wouldn't let us touch him. We looked inside of the hole and there were even more cats inside! While we ate lunch, there were also lots of cats walking around the tables.
A castle that we saw a little way in the distance.
I absolutely love how castles dot the land in Europe. So enchanting!
This is the cute little restaurant that we found. The entrance to the restaurant was inviting because you had to walk under a big archway down a little hill that led to the front of the tables. The weather was perfect this day with blue skies and the warm sun, so we ate outside. Our waiter was Spanish and spoke pretty much no English. He was so smiley and looked like he loved his job. Funny story though....I wanted to order this small menu of food that came with a salad, main dish, and a appetizer type of thing. The main dish was paella, but it didn't say what kind. I wanted to know if it had seafood in it or just chicken. So we looked up the word for seafood and Nate was going to ask him when he came back. So the waiter came, Nate ordered what he wanted, and then it was my turn and Nate started his spiel about the seafood. He told him I was allergic to seafood, which isn't true but it gets the point across. :) The waiter said that the paella was seafood, then he pointed out some items on the menu that didn't have seafood in them. He gave us a few minutes and would be back. I picked something out to order instead and was ready. I ordered the items and he left. When they brought out the food, they only brought my food. I ordered more than what I thought I ordered. (Hard to know what you are really even getting.) Nate was nibbling off of mine, but his never came. And it never came. The waiter kept on smiling at us as he walked by but never said it was coming right out or anything like that. So, Nate and I just ended up sharing my food. Because of the language barrier, our order was kind of messed up, but it ended up being fine. Funny though that we can't even explain to the waiter what we want to order. I really need to learn Spanish! So here is what we got:
It was pretty boring foods. Just grilled chicken, fries, ham croquettes, and a cheese platter with a cheese that Toledo is known for. The bread was complimentary. So poor Nate, instead of eating his deer dish that he wanted that the restaurant was known for, he got stuck eating my weird things.... :)

This was the coolest shop ever. It had all different kinds of decorative lights in it and beautiful colors. If we lived closer I would have totally bought one. But I was worried it might break on the way home. Toledo is also famous for their marzipan. Marzipan is an almond paste made from sugar and almond meal that they use in lots of desserts and candies. Toledo is where it was originally from. We didn't end up trying any because we had to rush off to catch our bus, but we saw a lot of it. :)
If anyone is ever going to Spain, you need to go to Toledo!
It was such a cute place and so romantic.
A great honeymoon spot for a day or so!
We then caught the bus and went directly to the airport. We got home super late that night around 1AM. We took a bus from the airport to home and on the way home, our bus got a flat tire. We had to pull over and the driver checked it out. He decided just to keep on driving on it but to go slow and be more careful, which probably wasn't the best choice, but at least we got home in one piece! It was nice to be home but hard to get back to work early the next morning. Can't wait for our next trip.....France!

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