Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Pinkberry Miracle

For those of you who don't favorite food is frozen yogurt. My favorite places to get frozen yogurt are Red Mango and Pinkberry. They don't have a Red Mango in London but they do have a Pinkberry and it is great.

On Monday, Nate and I, and our friend Caroline who is meeting with the elders in our ward right now, took a stroll on over to Selfridges for Pinkberry. We went about a half hour before it closed. We were the last ones there and we saw them cleaning up and doing the closing procedures. Then I saw a girl take a big bucket, put it under one of the machines, turned it on so the yogurt was pouring out, and it all went into the bucket. I realized when she was mixing 2 flavors together in the bucket that it definitely wasn't being saved but thrown out. As we were walking out I said, "Well, that is sure a waste. What do you do with all of that?" She said that they clean out a machine every night and they throw out tons of yogurt every night. On Thursdays and Sundays, they clean out all 3 machines, and throw out a massive amount of yogurt. Then she said, "Do you guys want to take some home?"

Now that was a stupid question. My answer was, "Of course!," as I was beaming from ear to ear. But I said it in a casual way so I didn't look like a freak. :) She then filled up an extra large cup of coconut and chocolate yogurt, put it in a bag for us, and gave it to us for free. Yes, for free.

Free Pinkberry. Those words sound so good together. :) It was a great night! I think I might be visiting Pinkberry right before it closes more often...

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