Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Next 3 Weeks.....

If you don't hear from me over the next 3 weeks,
and my blog isn't updated on a regular basis,
it is because I will be traveling with Nate to these 4 countries:




Nate and I are using our Spring breaks wisely and traveling around Europe!
We are so excited!
Today we are taking a bus up to Edinburgh, Scotland for about 4 days, then we fly over to Paris and spend about 6 days. Then we are renting a car and driving down to Southern France and staying in Toulouse for about 6 days. While we are in Toulouse, we are going to take different road trips in our car to several towns in Southern France and explore around a bit. Then we are going to spend a day in Andorra which is a small little country right in the middle of France and Spain. Then we are driving down to Barcelona, Spain and staying a day there. Finally, we are driving on the coast of France over to Nice, France and spending 2 days there. We fly out of Nice back to London on the 17th of April.
Can't wait to see Europe and to experience all these new places and things with Nate.
I will be taking tons of pictures so stay tuned for updates on our European adventures!
"Bon Voyage!"


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to hear all the wonderful stories and see all the great pictures I'm sure you'll take. 3 weeks is a long time to wait!!!

  2. We can't wait, have a fun and safe trip!