Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Matilda the Musical

On Saturday, I had to decide whether sleeping in or going to get cheap tickets for a show was more important to me. I chose going to get cheap tickets. But I still "slept in" an hour longer than usual for work days, so I guess I got to do both. When we got there, we were 5th and 6th in line. The first 8 people in line get 5 pound seats, so we barely made it! We waited about an hour and a half and then walked out with two tickets, only spending 10 pounds. It was a great feeling.

The show was incredible! We weren't expecting anything that great, but we were definitely wrong. It was amazing and so much fun. The funny part about the cast was that....

There were as many kids in the cast as adults! Maybe even more kids. It was definitely a kid show, but the kids in it were so talented. I was blown away by their dancing ability and facial expressions. I looked up the girl who played Matilda, and there are actually 4 different girls who rotate doing the shows. That would make sense because that would be alot to dedicate to for a small girl....doing shows every day, sometimes twice a day, for years and years. I guess they would even grow out of the part eventually! The 4 girls are all similar in looks. The one we saw was so good and fun to watch.

This would be a dream play for any kid to be in. It was so kid oriented! They had slides on the stage, swings that the kids swung on, "magic" things like moving cups and writing on chalk boards with your eyes, tons of fun dancing and doing "naughty things," silly string shooting from the stage, eating chocolate cake and burping it up, being turned upside down, being swung around by your "pigtails," the list goes on and on. Seriously. It was such a fun, whimsical show!

Here is a picture of the stage from the inside:
All of these squares around the stage were different colored tiles, some having letters on them and some not. Sometimes they would spell out random words. The tiles on the stage were hanging from invisible string. It was such a cool stage set up! We had a great time.