Monday, March 12, 2012

James Bond Movie Filming!

Nate and I were walking home from church on Sunday, and our street that we live on was blocked off. We had heard that they were going to be filming a movie on our street and we realized that this was it! We watched for a little while. There wasn't that much to see, and these pictures aren't that great, but we saw lots of extras walking around like they were busily walking in London. We saw cars driving and then they would stop the scene and the cars would reverse for the 2nd take. They had a couple red London buses in it too, and a few ambulances. We asked what movie they were filming and they said it was the new James Bond movie that is coming out in November called Skyfall!
Then we got really excited. We realized what a huge deal this really was and how lucky we were to be witnessing this. This is when we pulled out our cameras. :) I can't wait to watch the movie and see this scene and be like, "I lived on that street in London! I actually watched them film this scene!" How cool is that? Do I really live in London where movies are being filmed on a regular basis?
Also, a friend of mine saw Rachel McAdams in the Starbucks right by my house, having a coffee with her British actor boyfriend! Why couldn't I have gone to Starbucks on that day! I was kicking myself!

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