Monday, March 19, 2012

"It's Gettin Hot in Here...."

Monday night and Thursday night means Zumba night! Getting paid to exercise is such an amazing feeling especially when it is something that I would normally do for free. And getting a free gym membership out of it is an added bonus as well. I love exercising, I love dancing, and I love music with good rhythm, and Zumba gives all 3 of these things to me!

Last Monday something really funny happened during my class....

There were a ton of people in there and it was getting super hot in the studio. I mean REALLY hot. We were all sweating in there like crazy and it was almost hard to breathe. The air was thick and muggy. All of a sudden, I realized that the mirrors were all beginning to fog up! They looked like the mirror in the bathroom after you take a shower, and with every minute that passed, it was getting more and more foggy! I was tempted to draw a picture on it. :) You couldn't even see yourself in the mirror any more. I realized that the fans must not be on. They couldn't be. I had never had it that hot in there before. People in the class were dying, and it was beginning to affect my energy as well. I asked a lady in the class if she would mind running down and asking the manager to turn on the fans or see why they aren't working. After she left I said to the class, "You ladies are just so hot, that you are fogging up all the mirrors and windows in here!" They all smiled. Zumba dancing is pretty hot and suductive, but obviously, that wasn't the reason for the foggy mirrors. :)

Luckily, a few songs later, the air started kicking in, and the foggy windows went away. We were able to finish up the class with clear windows and fresh cool air. Thank goodness. It is not very fun to exercise in a sauna.

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