Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love You Monday

 One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling ripped off after 
eating at a restaurant that just wasn't that good, but it still had a fat bill at the end.
But, one of the best feelings in the world is getting a good deal on something and saving money.
Who doesn't love getting 50% off the original price?
In London there are two restaurants who do 50% off all food on Mondays!
Guess where you can find Nate and I on Monday nights?
Um....ya. Eating at one of these two places for super cheap.

The 1st restaurant with the half off deal is "Maxwell's."
It is located in Covent Gardens and is a great place to eat! 
We tried it out about a month ago and had a great experience.
They have great burgers for Nate and great veggie burgers for me!
It is a win win situation.

The 2nd restaurant with the half off deal is "The Slug and Lettuce."
Weird name, I know. 
But a great place.
I pictured them bringing out a piece of iceberg lettuce with a big fat slug on top that is still squirming.
Like Pumbaa on Lion King type of food.
But it is actually really good food and lots of variety.
Nate and I got two main meals, 1 drink, and an appetizer for 12 pounds!
You can't really beat that!
Plus we got to spend good quality time with some great friends-
Heather and Steven, Esther and Arthur, and Becky and Doug.
Love them.

I love you Monday. :)

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