Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Finally Tried it....

So about 2 months ago I wrote this post about threading. I had never heard of it until I came to London and I was a little bit scared away from it. I have always waxed my lip and was used to that, but something about using thread to pull my lip hairs out from my skin just didn't seem normal. I mean look at this pictures...they just look a bit odd....

It was getting about the time when my lip was getting a bit hairy and I new that I was due for my annual monthly lip wax. I was looking up the number to make an appointment when I remembered about threading. I told myself last time that I was going to try it the next time just to see what it was like....well I did.....
I tried it! I have officially been lip threaded! And let me tell you, it was way weird.

An Asian lady did it to me and she was very nice and made me feel comfortable. I told her I was a little nervous about doing the threading and it was my first time. She told me that usually it hurts really bad the first time, especially on the lip. I am thinking, "Great..." and kind of wishing I would have just stuck with the same old waxing treatment. But surprisingly, it wasn't that bad! It kind of felt like a little mouse with sharp fingernails running up and down my upper lip and his nails were scratching me. It felt kind of tingly, like an electric sensation. The only place that really hurt was up by my nostrils because my skin was sensitive from blowing my nose so much with my cold that I was getting over....but other than that, really not that bad!

The weird part was watching the lady do it to me. I had to control my laughter and my freaked out face. She ripped off a piece of long white thread and folded it a certain way. Then she put one part in her mouth and was holding the other two parts. (A middle section that she folded and then the 2 ends.) Then she got really close to my face and started doing that strangest movements. It was like she was doing a head bob back and forth right over my face with her lips in this pursed position and moving her hands along with it. It was so strange. It was like she was doing a head dance right over me. No wonder she asked me to close my eyes at first.... :)

The Results:
Threading was great for getting all the long hairs out. I was amazed how well it worked and how smooth my lip was afterwards! It was even kind of warm. But the downfall is that it still left some of the peach fuzz type of hairs. She said she can't get those with the thread. So that is one advantage to waxing I guess is that EVERYTHING  is gone. But threading is supposedly better for your skin and doesn't leave you as red. is a toss up. Maybe I will start rotating? Who knows? I can't really decide what I like better. I am still leaning towards waxing, but threading could definitely start growing on me.

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  1. I've done threading a few time. I love it! It doesn't irritate my skin as bad as waxing!