Monday, March 26, 2012

A Fun Weekend!

 The weather was so nice and warm this weekend so Nate and I took complete advantage of the days that we had together and did lots of fun things that have been on our London bucket lists.

First, we got up early and went in stood in line for an hour and a half outside of the Cambridge Theatre to get 5 pound tickets to go see this show:

Second, (after a little nap) we had a picnic outside of Parliament, in the sun, while we waited for our tour time to start. It was fun people watching and sitting on the grass.

Nate got a meal deal from Tesco and I got the green Naked favorite. Then we tried a new British candy bar called, "Boost." It was really good. It had a chocolate truffle center with carmel, a cookie layer, and chocolate. I don't each candy bars that often, but if I did, I would eat this one. 

Then, we toured Parliament which has been something that I have wanted to do for a while but we just never got around to it, which is funny because we live like 5 minutes down the street from it! It was a really fun experience. We had a tour guide that told us stories, what each room was used for, and how things work. She told us that the building actually used to be a castle/home and then was not needed and was changed to being used as their government building. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but we did snap some good ones from the outside, and we saw something funny after the tour that was defiantly picture worthy....

During the tour, I noticed that some of the other tour groups were quite dressed up. Some of the ladies even had on big hats and cute head pieces like the ones we wore at afternoon tea. It was so much fun to see them and realize that people actually wear them here in real life and not just for playing "dress up." Before going in, we saw a carriage with horses that had feather hats on. Then after the tour, we realized that the dressed up people were a wedding party and the carriage was for the bride and groom! We saw the happy couple board the carriage and ride off. 

Later, we went over to the Queen's Gallery Museum by Buckingham Palace. Every few months or so they put in a new exhibit. The last time we went was in September. This time it was excellent! It was called "The Heart of the Great Alone," and was about 2 different groups of British men who sailed to the Antarctic and explored the south pole. It was actually really moving and at the end I felt very emotional and touched by what they went through. 
Finally, we did a bike tour with the Barclays bikes! In London, you can rent these bikes for as many hours or days as you want. After you are done, you just take them to any Barclays bike place and return them.The first half hour is free, so Nate and I would ride for a half hour then park them and walk around, then ride again, then park, and walk around. This way, you only have to pay the initial fee, not the additional riding fees. We had a great time. We walked and explored new places we hadn't been before. It is a great way to see the city! Riding a bike in London is very different than what I am used to ride on the street with the cars, not on the sidewalks! So sometimes you feel like one wrong move and you could get smashed by a bus that is driving right next to you! We had a great time though. :)

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