Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Trip to the Beauty Parlor

Every time I go to get my hair done, I ask myself,
should I go blonde or brunette?
Or a mix in between? What should I do???
Some people know me as a blonde and some as a brunette.
Everyone from college knows me as blonde.
I think this is what I prefer.
Blondes do have more fun in my opinion.
It is more of a cute look.
However, Everyone from my mission and from London knows me as brunette.
I am naturally a brunette, and sometimes I like the all natural feeling.
People say it looks good with my blue eyes
and it makes me look smarter. Whatever....
It is more of a seductive look.
My family....I don't know what they think when they picture me...
Probably both. Probably a little confused.
So, I feel like I have two different identities.
Nate says that he doesn't care which one I do.
"Whatever you like, I like," he says. "Whatever makes you happy."
(But I think he secretly prefers blonde)
But, I knew I had to do something!
Even if I chose purple, I had to get it re-colored.
Before moving to London, my hair was really blonde.
I loved it that way, but holding back my tears, I dyed it brown to save money
so I wouldn't have to get it highlighted as much here.
I took one for the team.
But since September it has faded dramatically, and was a disgusting
light brownish unmatching color.
The roots were dark, but then the blonde was showing through.
Nate told me one time that my hair had a greenish tint.
Gotta love his honesty! :)
So, I went to a little quaint salon by Liverpool St. station,
recommended to me by my friend Tesera.
It is called Studio Mag, and the owner, Magda cut my hair.
She lives in a small flat above the hair studio, and then works downstairs with 3 other girls.
Perfect setup for her I thought.
She is from Poland.
She said she moved to London to do hair because she wanted to
start doing some more crazy dramatic types of hair colors and styles on people.
She has orange hair (they call it ginger here) on the roots
and about 4 inches down, and then platinum on the bottom.
She told me she only washes her hair once a week!
I thought I was bad...
She was such a fun sweet girl, and so detailed in her haircutting.
I told her what I wanted done, and she tried to tell me what she thought I should do.
Her idea was going to be more expensive so I said I think I will just stick with my plan.

The street that Studio Mag was on was a quaint little narrow street with lots of fun shops on it. I want to go there again sometime just to check it out more.

So I decided to go......
get ready for it......
I thought it would allow for me to last without getting
my hair done again until we go back to the states.
I just can't stand when my roots show after my blonde starts to grow out.
And I know that would be a temptation for me to
go back sooner than later.
So, ya, I am a brunette.
No gross color, and no green tint,
thank goodness.
She did cut off a little more than I wanted however.
I told her a trim of 1 inch, (because I am growing out my hair)
but she kind of went crazy and cut a little more than that.
She has a mind of her own!
But it probably needed it with all the dried up ends!
I had not cut it since September.
Pictures to come! :)

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