Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tim Tam Slams

I told Nate that I had a surprise for him. I went to the Australia Shop on the way home from work yesterday and bought 2 boxes of Tim Tams, the chewy caramel and the original. I wanted to surprise him with doing Tim Tam Slams. What is that you ask? It is a heavenly way to enjoy these Tim Tam cookies from Australia.

Here is what you do for a Tim Tam Slam:
You need some hot chocolate, preferably a shallow glass, and some Tim Tams. You take the Tim Tam and you bite off as little as you can on both of the the small sides of the rectangular shaped cookie. Then you put your mouth around one of the sides and stick the other side of the cookie into the hot chocolate. Then the magic begins. What you do is suck as hard as you can, like you are drinking right out of a straw. The hot chocolate fills up into the cookie and is going into your mouth through the Tim Tam. Then you quickly grab the Tim Tam and put it into your mouth, (before it falls into the glass.) It is the goeyiest, yummiest, most addicting thing ever. The cookie becomes a big glob of melted fudge that melts into your mouth. So divine. The first time I did this was on my mission with Sister Roberts and Sister Sackett on New Year's Eve, but we did it with Thin Mints. (Not as good.) Then I did it in Hawaii with a friend from the play I was in there who served his mission in Australia. And I will continue to do it, because it is that good.....

The bad thing about this is that before you know it, you have eaten like 5 cookies in a couple minutes, because you are sucking them up so fast. When if you were just eating the cookies normally, you probably wouldn't eat that many so quickly at least. But trust me, this is fun to do, and super good. Look up where they sell Tim Tams in your neighborhood and get some today to try it! Or better yet, just order them on Amazon!

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  1. Yaaa,,,absolutely right....tim tams are just awesome... :)

    Tim Tams