Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teaching Moments

Here are some teaching moments (good and bad) that have happened this week:
1. A little girl in my class comes up to me and she is holding a sticker that is stuck to her finger. She says, "Mrs. Hembree, you have been very good today so I am going to give you a sticker." Then she sticks the sticker right on my shirt and gives me a hug. Then she walks away. It was the funniest thing. Who is the teacher and who is child?
2. In that same class I overheard two girls talking while standing in line. They were whispering to each other. One said, "Our teacher is soooo nice." Then the other one said, "Ya, and she is really pretty too." Kids sure do have a way of making you feel good about yourself. :)
3. Again, I was asked after telling them I was from America....."Well, are you from North America or from South America?"
4. Today the class had just gotten back from P.E., and they were changing back into their school clothes. They were taking their sweet time and I knew I wasn't going to have enough time for my phonics lesson that was next. So I told them that they have until the big hand on the clock gets to the 6 to change and sit on the carpet, or else their name will be put on the board and they will miss some of their play time tomorrow. They had plenty of time to change, more then plenty, but sure enough, there were 2 girls still not on the carpet and changed when it reached the 6. So I wrote their names on the board. They were not happy. One burst into tears, and the other one started mouthing off to me. Then later on in the day, we were cleaning up the class to get ready to go home. I look over and the girl that was mouthing off was secretly wiping away her name off of the list with her hand on the whiteboard! I couldn't believe it. I talked to her, put her name back on the list, circled it a million times, told her she was going to miss ALL of play time now, and told her how dissaoppointed I was in her. She was in tears, and was still crying when her mom picked her up. Her mom of course, "rescued her," and thought I was the bad guy. So I had to explain to the mom what happened, and then she was very embarrassed. :) What a day!

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  1. It really bothers me how parents will immediately blame teachers. Yes, let's trust your 6 year-old over the adult in the situation. It makes no sense to me.

    I'm glad that once you explained the situation to her she understood.