Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sunday in London

Today was an interesting day.

It snowed last night in London for the first time this winter.

Nate and I were watching outside our window and saw the flakes coming down.

There were people in the dorm that were running down the stairs

yelling, "It is snowing! Snow!!!"

The first snow is always kind of magical...

until the next day.

Walking to church this morning in the snow was not so fun or magical.

By the morning time,

all the pretty white snow on the sidewalks and roads

was black and gray slush and very slippery.

That's what you get in a city I guess.

Good thing I didn't wear my heels!

But I was wearing my "warmest" boots that I have here,

which aren't very warm at all,

and by the time I got to church they were completely soaked through.

I couldn't feel my toes!

I kept on thinking, I really need to move back to Hawaii....

The church heat wasn't working too well either,

so my feet were pretty cold the entire day.

Plus, the Victorian line was closed today

which is how we normally get to church,

so it was an adventure going on the central line,

and then taking the overground.

I had never gone on the overground before.

But all of the hassle of getting to church was definitely worth it.

I love Sundays and how it re-boosts me for the week.

I love hearing the testimonies during sacrament meeting,

and being reminded of my real purpose in life and why I am here.

Such a good feeling.

On the way home, we realized that not only is the Victorian line closed,

but now the overground as well!

So we took the 3rd option to get home....

the bus.

The buses just don't move that fast here.

It's times like these when I really miss my car!

Kimber invited a bunch of people over from the ward tonight for dinner.

We had a baked potato bar with all the toppings,

(they call them jacket potatoes here)

salad, and a bunch of desserts.

I made these really yummy cookies with

browned butter, toasted coconut and almonds, chocolate chunks,

and vanilla and almond extract.


It was so fun getting together with good friends,

eating good food,

and socializing.

Loved it.

A perfect way to end a Sunday.

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