Monday, February 6, 2012

The Pepper Tree

One of the restaurants that Nate and I have been wanting to try

since we got here is called,

The Pepper Tree.

It is rated very highly on Urban Spoon and it was on our "wish list."

So on Friday night, we went out for a little date night.

We have had a lot of Thai food since we moved here,

and I think I could say that it is my favorite type of cuisine.

I have become a Thai connoisseur. :)

But, every time I go to a Thai restaurant,

I am always torn though whether to order the chicken pad thai,

or the yellow chicken curry with coconut rice.

They are both so good! How can I choose?

Usually I try to get Nate to order one so that I can try both...

but he usually wants his own thing. :)

The Pepper Tree is a laid back, casual, home style type of restaurant.

We walked in and they have long wooden tables in rows

that fit around 10 people each.

They have tape on the doors to keep the cold air from coming in.

And they have simple plates and silverware rolled up in white napkins.

Nothing fancy that's for sure.

But very authentic, very good, and great prices!

Nate loves lamb, and they happened to have a lamb curry dish.

He jumped right on that one, and after the first bite he said,

"This is one of the best curries I have had. The meat is so tender."

And it was.

Such a good flavor combination.

And of course....coconut rice! Our favorite!

I decided to go with the chicken pad thai this time.

It was good, but I have had better.

The best chicken pad thai that I have ever had is still from

The Banana Tree.

Yes, both restaurants have "tree" in their name,

but they are very different from each other.

Restaurant hunting in London is just too much fun!

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