Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mission Memories

On Sunday, we had the missionaries over for dinner.
Elder Park, from Korea, and Elder Alacon from Mexico City
are the current Whitechapel ward missionaries.
Even though we have little space here in our room, and we share a kitchen with 11 other people,
we try to have them over every so often.
Nate and I usually sit on the edge of the bed and the elders sit in our 2 desk chairs.
We borrow a round small table from the lounge and carry it into our room to eat on.
It isn't the best situation, especially for guests,
but it is do-able, and the elders don't care.
They are just happy for the food, warm place, and the company.
I made some chicken vegetable curry with a coconut spice sauce with cous cous and naan bread.
For dessert, we had an apple blueberry cobbler with custard sauce on top.
It is fun being on the members side of the equation instead of the missionary side,
and it always brings me back to my mission.
It makes me miss it and miss being completely immersed in
studying and teaching the gospel on a daily basis
without worrying about anything else.
I can't believe that in May I will have been home from my mission for 3 years.
My how time flies!
I served in the New Hampshire Manchester mission for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.
It definitely was the hardest, most rewarding, most spiritually strengthening,
most worthwhile, most memorable, most entertaining 18 months of my life.
I can say now that my mission changed me for the better
and it formed me into a better person.
I am a better wife, future mother, and teacher because of my mission.
I am definitely a harder worker because of it and am more organized.
It is easier for me to do hard things than it was before
because I know that if I can complete a mission and all the hard things that I was faced with,
I know that I can do anything.
I am more driven and goal oriented.
Even when things are hard and discouraging,
my mission taught me to keep on pressing forward and to never give up.
I developed so many priceless relationships, long lasting friendships,
and especially a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father
and my Savior Jesus Christ.
I will be forever grateful that I was called to serve
and given that once in a lifetime chance.
Here are some pictures from my mission:
Missionary Training Center, Provo UT
Newport, Maine, trying my first experience with real maple syrup
with my sweet companion/ trainer, Sister Jenaya Roberts.
I love this girl. She broke me into the mission life,
and taught me that you can work hard as well as have fun as a missionary.
You need both!
The Neas Family- John, Jackie, Brittany, and Mandi,
and Stephanie on their baptism day in Newport Maine!
Sister Mecham and I were so excited for this day!
One of the scariest times on my mission....
Sister Mecham's bed caught on fire and it was terrifying!
The firemen came along with tons of others,
and we were famous because we made the local Maine newspaper.
Learning how to make our own maple syrup from real maple trees!
Thanks Joe and Laura! I miss you guys!One of my favorite families-The Dows.
Donna, Big Chris, and Little Chris.
(Their daughter is named Christy)
Sweetest people I know!
Love them to death!
While serving in Gloucester Mass, we taught people from all over the world,
and had to order Books of Mormon in different languages for our investigators.
One of my favorite people that I met on my mission.
Every Tuesday morning for 7 1/2 months,
we would go over to Babe's house and visit with her while putting together puzzles.
She taught us how to make her famous PB fudge,
and always gave the best hugs.
She told us that she loved us every week.
We were there to serve her and bless her life,
but honestly, she blessed our lives way more than we blessed hers.
My favorite thing would be when we said goodbye.
She would stand by the door and wave to us until she couldn't see us anymore.
Sadly, Babe passed away at the end of last year from cancer.
I miss her dearly.

Sister Ross and I at the Joseph Smith Memorial in Sharon Vermont. This is where Joseph Smith was born. Every Christmas they put Christmas lights all over and have a little nativity scene and Christmas program. We got to go and it was a ton of fun.

Sister Pace and I, soaked after getting caught in a rain storm! It was on my birthday too, but I have to say, it was one of my favorite birthdays I have ever had.Scott and Jean DelPorte from Lebanon, NH. Such a rock solid golden couple. Sister Ross and I found them while tracting, and then Sister Abbot and I were able to be there for their baptism. One of my most memorable highlights from my mission!

This is me very very very excited! This is about 10 minutes before my plane landed in Salt Lake City airport. It was such an exciting feeling to know that in just a short time, I will get to see my family that I haven't seen in 18 months! There were also some sad feelings knowing that you are leaving your mission and all the people and memories there. But, nothing beats knowing that you did your best and worked your hardest, and now it is finished and you get to come home.

If you are reading this, and have thought about serving a mission, do it!

It will be the best thing that you could ever do!

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  1. Joe and I will never forget the time you were in Newport and loved every minute of your visits. We were so grateful to have you come back to visit after your mission too!!! We would love to someday meet Nate, so if your ever in the area....Love and miss you! Laura and Joe