Thursday, February 9, 2012

London Lingo

"Mind the Gap.....Mind the Gap."
I can just hear the recorded male voice repeating it now down on the tube.
This is a phrase that I hear at least 20 times a day, probably more.
They say it multiple times every time the tube stops and starts up again.
It is a warning message that lets people know to watch out for the gap
between the train and the platform.
Sometimes there is a big gap and people can step through it and get hurt.
There were 74 injuries from this happening last year.
They were probably drunk...
We have lived in London almost 5 months now and it has been fun
picking up on all the London Lingo that I hear on a daily basis.
I come in contact with "Mind the Gap,"
as well as many other words and phrases
that make me smile.
It makes me feel like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
as I think,
"I'm not in America anymore."
Sometimes I even find myself saying them
so I can fit in with the culture here,
as well as by accident.
I thought I would share some of these with you...
1. Ladybug=Ladybird
2. Pants=Trousers, Underwear=Pants (I have mixed this up a couple times in my classes and kids all gasped and started laughing all embarrassed. They couldn't believe that their teacher was talking about "pants" in class!)
3. Period=Full Stop (The dot at the end of a sentence)
4. Calling Out=Shouting Out
5. "I will do that right away"= "I will do that straight away"
6. Dollars=Pounds, Bucks=Quid
7. They love the word "bit." "Take this bit and put it here," "just little bits," "I was a bit angry"
They use it all the time! Even the front of the gym I work at says, "You're here. The hard bit is over."
8. Another word they love here is "lovely." Everything is lovely. It isn't nice, it is lovely. "This is a lovely class, she was so lovely, the apartment was lovely." Sounds so polite.
9. They also say "literally" all the time. They use it in every way possible.
10. How are you?= You alright? (I never know the right away to respond to this)
11. They say, "as well as" all the time. I find myself saying this a ton more here than I did at home.
12. Excuse me=Pardon me
13. Garbage can=Rubbish bin
14. Take the role at school=take the register at school
15. When kids need to go to the bathroom instead of coming up and saying, "Teacher, can I go to the bathroom? I have to go really bad." They say, "Miss, I need to go toilet. I have to wee. I am really desperate."
16. Bathroom=Toilets
17. Stroller=Buggy
18. Elevator=Lift
19. Diaper=Nappy
20. The letter Z=pronounced "Zed"
21. Sweatshirt=Jumper (pronounced jumpa)
22. Fries=Chips
23. Chips=Crisps
24. Crepes=Pancakes, Pancakes=American Pancakes
25. Lunches at school are called "school dinners."
26. I am sick=I am ill, or I am unwell
27. Hello or Hi= "Hi-uh!" (It actually sounds like they are saying, Hi and Uh, put together)
28. Trunk of a car= Boot of a car
29. For bye or thanks they say, "Cheers!"
30. When they end a conversation they say, "Byee" in a really high voice. They will talk at a normal pitch until the word bye.
31. They use the f-word here like it is normal language. Even classy people say it here. Don't worry....I am not picking up on this London Lingo. The f-word is not becoming apart of my vocabulary. :)
32. Instead of saying "Awesome!" or "Great!" They say "Fabulous!" "Brilliant!" But the funny part is they usually shorten it to "Fab!" and "Brill!" No joke.
33. Great Job!= Well done!
I'm sure there are more, but that is all the London Lingo I can think of right now.
Probably more to come! :)

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  1. I was only in london for a week and started picking up the lingo! How fun for you guys!