Friday, February 24, 2012

London Lingo Part 2

A Little More London Lingo to Brighten Up Your Weekend...
1. Instead of, "Give it a shot!" or "Give it a try!" they say, "Give it a go!"
2. People will call me and leave messages that say, "Hey Mikelle, I just thought I would give you a shout and let you know...." Give me a shout? :)
3. Instead of, "Think about it," they say, "Have a little think."
4. "I reckon that....." (I thought only grandparents said this, but I guess not!)
5. Pita bread isn't pronounced "peeta" bread, it is pronouced, "piiita bread, with a short i sound.
6. It isn't big or is MASSIVE! :)
7. They don't have lots to do, but they have LOADS to do. Or someone will ask, "How much is there?" and they will reply, "Oh...loads!"
8. Instead of, "It has been so long," or "It has been a long time," they will say, "It has been ages!"
9. Instead of "I will scare them a little," it is, "I will give them a little fright."
10. "That's Pants!" means, "That's garbage!"
Go ahead! Try one of these phrases out in the states where you live and see what reactions you get! Let me know about it! :)

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