Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Lion King!

The Lion King. I grew up loving this show. I remember when the movie came out and how popular it was. It quickly became one of my favorite Disney movies next to The Little Mermaid. I loved it and sang along with all the fun songs. When the musical came out I was super excited and anxious to see it......but just never did. So when Nate got Lion King tickets for us for Valentine's Day, I was ecstatic!

He wouldn't tell me where we were sitting when I asked him, but just kept on saying that it was a surprise. When we got to the theater, the usher was showing us to our seats, and they weren't just ordinary seats. He took us down a few staircases and then up another one, through this big maze it felt like, until finally we had our seats. Nate had gotten us box stall seats. For those of you who don't know, there are these private little stall rooms on the sides of the theater, about 4 on each side that you can buy to sit in. They are ideal for kids or if you want to move around during the show. You can talk, sit, snuggle, stand, do pretty much whatever you want in your little box. It was so fun! I felt like royality or like a famous couple as we were led to our "special seats." And surprisingly, they were cheaper than most other seats! The only downfall was it had a slight restricted view of the left hand side of the stage, but other than that, it was great. We were really close so you could see all the facial expressions, but far enough away to see the dancing choreography. It was perfect! What a fun surprise!

Our view of the stage from our box stall.

All the othe people in the audience. It was packed!
We had such a great time. I have to say that The Lion King is definitly my new favorite musical hands down. Nate says it is his favorite too. Wicked and Les Miserables are close 2nds but I loved Lion King the most. My favorite part was the opening song, "The Circle of Life." The costumes were incredible and there was so much to look at. When it was over I wished that I could rewind and have them do it over and over again so I could soak it all in. They had all these animals come on to the stage from different directions. They came from the aisles and corners of the stage area. The costumes were so amazing that they all looked like real animals. The giraffes were on stilts for their hands and feet with a big neck and head hats on. They even had a huge elephant come up from the aisle carried by 4 people, each person standing inside of each elephant leg. It actually got caught coming up the stairs, and 2 stage managers wearing black had to run out on the stage and help them get unstuck. The puppets were amazing, and the talent was of course amazing. My jaw was dropped the whole time. I just couldn't believe how good it was.
In the movie when Mufassah and Scar both die, they fall back first off of a cliff to their death. I was curious of how they would do this in the play. Well.....They had invisible string attached to them which allowed them to fall backwards from up high all the way down to the stage, and it looked so real. They flashed some strobe lights during the falls to make them seem like they were falling for longer than they actually were. So good. The little kids who played Nala and Simba as little lions were adorable and so talented. I could go on and on about different aspects of the play, but I think you just need to go and see it for yourself.
I can't wait to go and see it again when my family comes in June! :) You 3 will love it!

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