Friday, February 3, 2012

Les Miserables at Queens Theatre

All I have to say is Wow!
Les Miserables is definitely one of the best shows.
Not for the dancing and comedy aspects,
but for the vocals, acting, and emotion.
Yes, it is depressing and a bit sad,
but so inspirational and thought provoking.
You walk out of the theatre thinking,
"I want to be a better person....I want to help people."
I have always loved the music from this show
and sung it for different shows and concerts growing up.
Some of my favorites are:
"Bring Him Home," "On My Own,"
"I Dreamed a Dream," and
"There is a Castle on a Cloud."
I found myself mouthing the words along as they were singing,
in my head at least.
It was interesting to watch the show and
understand how the songs fit into the context of the show as a whole.
It was so fun talking and discussing different parts
and themes from the show on the walk home with Nate.
We feel so lucky to live in "Theaterland"
where we can walk 15 minutes from our house
to go see Les Miserables.
I don't ever want to leave this place!
We are having too much fun!

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