Saturday, February 4, 2012

Legally Blonde The Musical!

I love sleeping in.

Especially on Saturdays because every week day I wake up by 6:30 for work

and Sundays we have early church and we leave the house by 7:50.

So Saturdays are my day to sleep as long as my body wants without any alarm.

Except for today....

Yes, I love sleeping in, but I love watching London theater more,

and even more than that, I love getting good deals.

So today, even though it was Saturday,

I woke up early and went to stand in line to get

Legally Blonde tickets at the Savoy Theatre.

Nate wasn't interested in seeing this show

(I don't know why...)

so I made it a girls day out.

They opened at 10, so Heather and I thought if we got there by 9

we should be perfectly fine getting good seats for cheap.

So after getting ready and bundling up,

(this week has been the coldest week in London yet,

great day to stand outside right?,

and it snowed tonight for the first time this winter season)

we walked to the theatre to get the tickets.

I got there at 8:55 and there were already 14 people ahead of me!

I was shocked.

The box office said to get there by 9:30 to be safe

so I thought 9 would make me first in line.


There was a big group of women at the very front

that looked like they were there for a bridal shower event maybe

or they were staying in the Savoy Hotel together.

Savoy Theater announced that the show was closing in April,

so maybe that is why there were so many people there.

So Heather and I stood in line for about an hour,

drank hot cocoa from Pret a Manger,

talked to some gay guys ahead of us,

and some British girl students behind us,

and then finally got our tickets.

We were hoping to get the front row tickets
for 10 pounds each,
but by the time we got there,
they were gone.
If I would have just gotten there 15 minutes earlier!
So we got farther back for 15 pounds,
but still a great view for a great price!
So Heather and I met up with Kimber and Kelcey
at Garfunkels at Noon for lunch.
Garfunkels is very popular here.
There are alot of them around,
even one right next to my house!
It is kind of pub type food with a British flare.
I ordered a roasted veggie pizza.

After we were done eating,
Kimber comments how we should stop by Tesco
and pick up some gummy candies to snack on during the show.
Little did she know that I was prepared. :)
I pulled out my bag of treats our of nowhere and said,
"Well, I think I've got that one covered!"
I made little individual goodie bags full of pink candy for each of us.
I used baggies that Nate's mom sent us in our Christmas package.
I did all pink candy and pink ribbon to go with the theme
of Legally Blonde.
And as you can see from the pic,
we were all wearing pink!
Well, almost all of us.
Kelcey didn't get the memo... :)

This is us outside of the theater.

Thanks to the nice lady who stopped,

we got a good picture.

Here is the theater screen before the show opened.

I got in trouble for taking pictures inside,

but I snuck one anyway. :)

It was such a cute show!

I loved the movie when it came out,

but I think I liked the play better because of all the cute music!

I want to buy the soundtrack!

It was such a fun, upbeat, colorful, show

and nice to just sit back and be entertained.

There were 2 dogs in the show that were very well trained

and super cute, especially the one wearing the pink sweater.

What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

And the show was definitely worth freezing my butt

off for an hour this morning standing out in the cold!

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