Monday, February 20, 2012

Jack the Ripper

On Saturday afternoon when Nate and I were leaving from the temple, I got a surprise text from my friend that she was in London for the day, and wanted to know if we could get together. I was so excited to see Cindy and to spend some more time with her. :)
We decided to do the Jack the Ripper walking tour. I have heard of people doing walking tours in London before but had never done one myself. So we met up outside of Tower Hill tube station to meet our tour guide. It was such a fun couple of hours and at a great price too!
If you are wondering who Jack the Ripper is.....well. Let me tell you. Beware, this post might not be suitable for children. :)
Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in London back in 1888. He successfully killed 5 women in 3 months and still was never caught. To this day, no one really knows who the killer was or what happened to him. They have predictions and have narrowed it down to 3 men, but still it remains a mystery. Besides killing them, he would cut up their bodies, take out their organs, and even eat their organs on occasion. He found joy in killing and he would do it with people around and still no one would even notice. They were silent deaths. With each death, he would leave similiar stab markings, and cut marks on their bodies, making it obvious that each death was performed by the same man.
"By the 1880's, London was the most powerful city in the world. Yet beneath a veneer of imperial wealth and moral rectitude lay a dark undercurrent of sin, depravity and grinding poverty. This was largely concentrated in the East End. Terror gripped theis area for 3 short months in 1888 when 5 prostitutes were slaughtered by a silent and ruthless killer. His name was Jack the Ripper."
During the tour, our tour guide would tell us stories of this time in London as we walked around to the areas that the murders actually happened. We went from murder site to murder site, alley way to alley way, as we took in all the gory details of this disgusting serial killer and terrifying time in history. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and told lots of good details to make each story come to life. Creppy to think that I walk these streets on a daily basis! So much history has happened on them. If only the streets and old buildings could talk!
The 5th murder was the most grusome. The woman was only 26, the youngest of all his victims. Her murder was also the only one that happened indoors. Here are some details of it: "Her uterus, kidneys and one of her breasts were placed by her head. Her liver was between her feet. Her intestines were placed over her right shoulder and her spleen over her left. Flesh from the abdomen and thighs were on the bedside table. Her heart was missing."
Although spooky and grusome, we has a ton of fun. I can't wait to do more walking tours througout London. They are a great way to see and learn more about the city for a cheap price!
After the tour, Nate, Cindy and I went for some Thai food at The Banana Tree. It was delicious of course. I got a yellow curry with jasmine rice and a noodle asian salad with sesame dressing.

We ended the night with a trip to Amorino for some gourmet ice cream. I got the yogurt, mango and nutella flavors and they all were completely divine. I love that place! It is must go to when in London. It ended up being such a fun night! Thanks Cindy for making our weekend by popping in for the night! :) We miss you already!

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