Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Lovers Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Valentine's is one of those holidays that you either love or you hate, depending upon if you have that special someone in your life. This year, I loved Valentine's Day, and I could even say that it was one of my favorite Valentine's. :)
I didn't have to work because it is half term break for all the schools in London, so it was nice to relax and spend the day with Nate. We don't get as much time together anymore as I would like because we are both so busy with school and work, so it was nice to have a day to spend with just the two of us. I woke up early to put his surprises out on the desk. :) Here is what he saw:

Nate loves Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and there is a store in Piccadilly Circus which is very close to our house. We haven't gone there yet since we have moved here, so I thought that would be a good Valentine breakfast for him. And, he loves Naked juice. I love it too. It has a pound of fruit in that one little bottle. And of course, you can't eat a cinnamon roll without hot cocoa, so I made some Nutella hot cocoa with cadbury hot chocolate mix with heart shaped marshmallows drizzled with chocolate sauce. I made some silly signs to go with it to make it all a little bit more Valentineish.....With the Naked juice I wrote, "Let's get Naked!" With the Cinnabon I wrote, "I want to pinch your cute bon bon." And with the hot cocoa I wrote, "You are way hotter than this hot cocoa." I also spelled out "I Love You!" using Valentine's colored M&M's.
Doesn't that just look heavenly?
Nate loved it.

Nate was super excited for the toy helicopter that I got for him. The cool part about it is that it is ran from your Iphone. So you use your phone for the controller. Nate was in heaven playing with 2 of his favorite things.....remote control toys and phones. His little boy side came out in him! :)
Here was my Valentine's Day surprise. I woke up to this note taped to my desk lamp. At the end it said, "Wake me up for your surprise! Love You!" I had gone to bed before Nate did and he stayed up doing "homework," but really he was playing the role of Cupid. He sent me on a treasure hunt throughout the room, lounge and kitchen areas. Each clue had a riddle or a little rhyming poem that I had to solve to find the next clue. Some clues had prizes attached to them. It was very cute. The first clue, I had to find in the scriptures the place where it talks about husbands loving their wives and wives loving their husbands. Inside that page was the next clue that said this: "On this morn I've made for you, A Valentine's day hunt to do, search high and low, near and far, for where would I hide a milky bar?"
This was one of the prizes....I know it is Easter candy but I love them anyway!
One of my favorite candies.
I found these heavenly treats hidden behind our books. The clue that was attached to this went like this: "I can never wait until After Eight when my lady becomes my baby, now search for what you hold that's mine you'll find it behind the Hembree sign."
That clue led me to a heart shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut that was in the kitchen behind the sign that says what cabinet is ours. "Search for what you hold that is mine," meaning his heart. :)
One of my gifts that he gave me was an Indian food cooking class at an Indian restaurant down on Shaftesbury Avenue. It is a 3 hour class and I am super excited for it. I love cooking and since living here, I have developed a love for Indian food. I'll let you know how it goes!
And now for the best part....
(Don't worry mom, dad, and Anna.
It is such a good play that I am sure we will be dying to see it again when you guys come visit)
The clue that led me to this went like this: "In the area where they pile papers, packages, and post, you will find something I think you will like the most." I ran to the mail box inside the lounge, and found this receipt for Lion King tickets for Friday night. I have been wanting to see this play for so long now and I am so excited. I have heard amazing things about it!

For lunch we went to Nando's. It is a Portuguese restaurant and it was very interesting. Nate has been wanting to go there for a while now because it is the only restaurant around here with bottomless soft drinks. He wants the unlimited Coke. :) Most restaurants here just fill it up once in a small glass, and that is it. So you have to drink it slow...but here, you can have as much as you desire.
The food there is very unusual, but very good. I got a lentil, pumpkin seed, chickpea, spice bean burger with pineapple and cheese in a pita. For my side I got their velvety smooth mashed potatoes. Nate got their chicken burger with a homeade bun and spicy fries.
I told you they use the word "bit" a lot.
Here is the napkin from Nando's.
I am so blessed to have such a great husband that loves me and takes care of me. Even though I know he thinks these little creative treasure hunt types of things are silly, he does them anyway because he knows that I like them and appreciate those types of things. He is such a hard worker, so smart, so loving, caring and thoughtful. He is honest and trustworthy and I know that he loves me. He makes me laugh and keeps me entertained. I am a lucky lady to have found this great guy. :)

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