Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Going to the Temple and We're, Gonna get Married...."

"Going to the temple and we're, gonna get married.....," well I guess we are already married so that doesn't quite fit with the situation, but I still had that song stuck in my head the whole way to the temple. Saturday was our ward temple trip! Last time I went to the temple was with Scott and Jean in October, so we were definitely due to go again. Bishop Odoi and his wife Vida, were kind enough to give us a ride out there, along with the Nortons. It was about an hour drive, maybe a little more, but the time flew by because we were having such fun conversations with the six of us.

The London temple is gorgeous and so peaceful. I think the celestrial room in this temple is my favorite. The ceiling is painted with clouds and a blue sky. I love going to the temple and feeling that peace and assurance that God is in control of our lives and that he loves us. It was fun looking around the room and seeing fellow ward members there as well with us, and some friends from Hyde Park ward. I love going with Nate and realizing all over again that we are sealed as an eternal family. Sorry Babe, but you are stuck with me! :)

Can't wait for the next trip!

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  1. I googled Bishop Odoi and got your blog. I am from Utah and am in London on a school trip. I was going to stay an extra week with some friends but they ended up not staying the extra week. I am now stuck in London May 22-28 with nowhere to stay. My family told me to contact a bishop but I can't find any way to contact him! I was wondering if you could possibly give me his contact info? Sorry this is random to do through your blog but I couldn't find any other way. Thanks :) I hope that all made sense