Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teaching Moments

Here are some teaching moments (good and bad) that have happened this week:
1. A little girl in my class comes up to me and she is holding a sticker that is stuck to her finger. She says, "Mrs. Hembree, you have been very good today so I am going to give you a sticker." Then she sticks the sticker right on my shirt and gives me a hug. Then she walks away. It was the funniest thing. Who is the teacher and who is child?
2. In that same class I overheard two girls talking while standing in line. They were whispering to each other. One said, "Our teacher is soooo nice." Then the other one said, "Ya, and she is really pretty too." Kids sure do have a way of making you feel good about yourself. :)
3. Again, I was asked after telling them I was from America....."Well, are you from North America or from South America?"
4. Today the class had just gotten back from P.E., and they were changing back into their school clothes. They were taking their sweet time and I knew I wasn't going to have enough time for my phonics lesson that was next. So I told them that they have until the big hand on the clock gets to the 6 to change and sit on the carpet, or else their name will be put on the board and they will miss some of their play time tomorrow. They had plenty of time to change, more then plenty, but sure enough, there were 2 girls still not on the carpet and changed when it reached the 6. So I wrote their names on the board. They were not happy. One burst into tears, and the other one started mouthing off to me. Then later on in the day, we were cleaning up the class to get ready to go home. I look over and the girl that was mouthing off was secretly wiping away her name off of the list with her hand on the whiteboard! I couldn't believe it. I talked to her, put her name back on the list, circled it a million times, told her she was going to miss ALL of play time now, and told her how dissaoppointed I was in her. She was in tears, and was still crying when her mom picked her up. Her mom of course, "rescued her," and thought I was the bad guy. So I had to explain to the mom what happened, and then she was very embarrassed. :) What a day!

Tim Tam Slams

I told Nate that I had a surprise for him. I went to the Australia Shop on the way home from work yesterday and bought 2 boxes of Tim Tams, the chewy caramel and the original. I wanted to surprise him with doing Tim Tam Slams. What is that you ask? It is a heavenly way to enjoy these Tim Tam cookies from Australia.

Here is what you do for a Tim Tam Slam:
You need some hot chocolate, preferably a shallow glass, and some Tim Tams. You take the Tim Tam and you bite off as little as you can on both of the the small sides of the rectangular shaped cookie. Then you put your mouth around one of the sides and stick the other side of the cookie into the hot chocolate. Then the magic begins. What you do is suck as hard as you can, like you are drinking right out of a straw. The hot chocolate fills up into the cookie and is going into your mouth through the Tim Tam. Then you quickly grab the Tim Tam and put it into your mouth, (before it falls into the glass.) It is the goeyiest, yummiest, most addicting thing ever. The cookie becomes a big glob of melted fudge that melts into your mouth. So divine. The first time I did this was on my mission with Sister Roberts and Sister Sackett on New Year's Eve, but we did it with Thin Mints. (Not as good.) Then I did it in Hawaii with a friend from the play I was in there who served his mission in Australia. And I will continue to do it, because it is that good.....

The bad thing about this is that before you know it, you have eaten like 5 cookies in a couple minutes, because you are sucking them up so fast. When if you were just eating the cookies normally, you probably wouldn't eat that many so quickly at least. But trust me, this is fun to do, and super good. Look up where they sell Tim Tams in your neighborhood and get some today to try it! Or better yet, just order them on Amazon!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Flash Mob

On Saturday, I was walking around Covent Gardens Market Place, one of my favorite places in London, and I saw a flash mob. Not kidding. It was the weirdest thing. I think I saw it towards the last little bit of it but still long enough to watch and get a quick picture. There were all these younger people standing completely still in random places facing all different directions. They were serious faced with no breaking character at all. Then after watching for a couple minutes they all just fled at exactly the same time. No count downs, no signals, just going from complete stillness to movement in a seconds time. They all walked away in different directions, still serious faced, until they were all out of sight. And then it was over. So cool. I am glad that I got to see it. :) If I would have got there just a few minutes later, I would have missed it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Day Full of Theatre and Cupcakes!

I sure know how to work hard, but I also know how to play hard. This Saturday, I played really hard. And I had a blast.

I got up at 8:30 to go stand in line for Crazy for You tickets. I didn't want to get there too late and miss out on the cheap tickets by just a few people like I did for Legally Blonde. So I got there at about 8:50 and there was only 1 other person in line! Turns out that I could have totally slept in longer because there was only 4 people total the whole morning. Oh well. Better to be safe than sorry. But I actually had quite a fun time standing in line because I met Dorothy and John, the cutest 80 year old couple that I have ever met in my life. They were both so spunky and full of life, so healthy and with it. I kept on thinking to myself, "I want to be just like them when I am in my 80's." And they were obviously still so in love with each other even after being married for 59 years! I got to know them both pretty well after standing outside together for an hour plus. :)
Nate wasn't interested in this show and didn't want to waste the money on going, so I went with my friend Rebecca. Her husband felt the same as Nate, so it actually worked out perfectly. Girls day! We had the best time! We both are really into theater, dance, and music, so it was fun watching it with her. I loved the show because it was full of tap dancing! This is my favorite type of dance to watch as well as do. Plus some of my favorite songs were in this show and of course I found myself singing along with them in my seat. They sang, "I Got Rhythm," "Embraceable You," and "You Can't Take That Away From Me." "I Got Rhythm" brought back a lot of memories because that is the song I sang and tap danced to for my Jr. Miss talent performance when I was a Junior in High School. Oh the memories. :)
After the theater, we crossed the road and headed on over to Primrose Bakery. I had been wanting to try it out for a while now. It is the cutest little bakery with tables inside that you can sit at. They do hot cocoa drinks, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and other goodies. It was very yummy. We couldn't decide what flavors to get, so we got 3. After we got them we realized that the three that we picked out were all citrus flavors! :) I guess we could of had a little more variety....but they were all delicious! (Lime Coconut, Orange Blossom, and Luscious Lemon)

Friday, February 24, 2012

London Lingo Part 2

A Little More London Lingo to Brighten Up Your Weekend...
1. Instead of, "Give it a shot!" or "Give it a try!" they say, "Give it a go!"
2. People will call me and leave messages that say, "Hey Mikelle, I just thought I would give you a shout and let you know...." Give me a shout? :)
3. Instead of, "Think about it," they say, "Have a little think."
4. "I reckon that....." (I thought only grandparents said this, but I guess not!)
5. Pita bread isn't pronounced "peeta" bread, it is pronouced, "piiita bread, with a short i sound.
6. It isn't big or is MASSIVE! :)
7. They don't have lots to do, but they have LOADS to do. Or someone will ask, "How much is there?" and they will reply, "Oh...loads!"
8. Instead of, "It has been so long," or "It has been a long time," they will say, "It has been ages!"
9. Instead of "I will scare them a little," it is, "I will give them a little fright."
10. "That's Pants!" means, "That's garbage!"
Go ahead! Try one of these phrases out in the states where you live and see what reactions you get! Let me know about it! :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Little Venice

I got off the tube today on my way to work and noticed the sign for the station. It said Warwick Avenue, and then in little print had the words, "For Little Venice." I wondered what that might mean but didn't think much of it. Then after walking about 2 minutes towards the school, I stumbled upon this little gem- "Little Venice." It was the cutest, most quaint, most enchanting little thing I have ever seen. Of course I had to take pictures...
It is a little narrow stream type of thing with boats on it that people actually live in. They are house boats. The river was pretty long and plum full of these boats. What makes it so cool is that it is smack in the middle of two roads full of old gorgeous British houses. It was so random to see this right in the middle of everyday streets as I walked towards my school to go and teach. It made my day. :) What an enchanting little place!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eating Utensils? Is There a Right Way?

One thing that I have learned since moving to London is that everyone eats differently. I am not talking about the kinds of food that we eat. That is obvious, and I knew that before coming here. I am talking about how we eat and how we use our eating utensils. It is so interesting to me to see different people from different places eat, and to observe how they do it.

First of all, let me introduce to you, The British Way.

Everyday at work, I eat lunch in different staff rooms full of British people. It is amazing to me how delicately, properly, and beautifully they eat their food. It it like an art form. It would take practice for me to ever get it down. Someone may think I am British, but when I open my mouth or eat my lunch with a fork, I have American written all over me!

British people hold their utensils like this:

They always use a fork and a knife, ALWAYS.

And even if they are right handed, they hold their fork in their left hand, ALWAYS. They use their fork more as a dust pan and the knife is used as a scooper to pile things onto the shovel. They do it ever so delicately, with little quaint movements like a little squirrel. And when they go to lift food into their mouth with the fork, the fork is always upside down in their mouth.

I even have seen people eat fries (chips) with their fork and knife. They use the knife to press the fry (chip) onto the fork and then bring the fork to the mouth.

No hands or stabbing business going on. And they would NEVER use their fingers to scrape up some pieces that they missed from their plate. (Guilty)

Now for the Chinese Way....

At dinner, or on weekends, I see how the Chinese eat.

I share a kitchen with 9 Chinese girls. Yes, I said 9. It is a big kitchen with 2 ovens, but ya, it still is hard. They use chopsticks to eat their food. I see this take place on a daily basis. This is just amazing to me. No matter how hard I try, using chopsticks just doesn't come natural to me. I can't see how using two sticks together would be easy to pick up food. I like my fork. :) But this, like the British, is an art form in its own way. How they hold the sticks so nicely and precisely. They never use their hands but just these two little sticks. Amazing.

Last but not least....the American Way.

Isn't it funny how Americans use the side of their fork to cut things?

I know that I do this ALL the time.

I rarely use my knife unless am I cutting some really tough piece of meat, which I rarely eat meat, so ya, I mostly am a side fork cutter person. For me, knifes only come out of their drawer for spreading jam or honey on toast, or just to look cute on a nicely set table. :) My fork does the job just fine for everything. I use my fork to stab things, cut things, scoop things...really, a fork is all you need.

See, he is using his fork in his right hand, and his knife is just sitting to the side for decoration.

Or sometimes as Americans, we just give up on utensils all together. We just use our hands! I must say that it can be very we are really going to eat a burger and fries with a fork and knife!
A little food for thought....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teaching...and Pancake Day!

Half term break is over and I am back into the swing of things with teaching everyday. Let me tell you, it was really really hard to get back into my waking up at 6:30 schedule and losing my "not setting my alarm" stage, but I am getting adjusted again. However, on Monday, I was hit with my, who knows how many....I lost count, cold since I have been in London. It seems like Nate and I just keep on getting sick. He will catch something from school and then bring it home to me, and then I will get something from the children I work with, and bring it home to him. We like to share everything, as you can tell. Even germs. Last week, we were joking about how this is the longest period of time that neither of us have been sick! I think we lasted 2 weeks of zero sicknesses for the both of us! Isn't that sad? People say that they have different germs here in the UK that our US bodies aren't immune to and so that is why we are getting sick so often. So I don't know. All I know is that I am so sick of having a cold.
Even though I felt horrible this morning with sore throat, runny nose, and achy body, I still went to work. I already had a school booked and didn't want to miss out on the extra funds for the day. So I decided to go. Being sick at school with 32 children running around is not the best of situations. I find that it really tries my patience. I am alot less of a patient person when I don't feel well. Normally, the day would have been fine. It was Reception kids so that means ages 4 and 5. The kids were great, the TA's were helpful, and the school was nice, but I literally felt like I was out of my body the whole day while I was walking around. I was so out of it. I probably didn't make that good of an impression....
There were no tissues in the classroom, so I had to constantly go to the bathroom and stock up on wads of toilet paper and stick them in my jacket pocket. It probably looked like I had a tumor growing out of my side. My nose was a never ending faucet mixed with being completely closed so breathing through my mouth was my only option. The worst time was during lunch when I was standing in line with the kids waiting for them to get their food. I had to help them for about 20 min, and then it was my lunch break. I only has a tiny bit of tissue left and it wasn't looking to fresh if you know what I mean...Then out of no where, without much warning, I feel a huge urge to sneeze. I am rushing through my pocket to get my tissue out and ready.....but it was too late. There was snot everywhere. On the floor, on my shirt, in my hands, and the worst part my hair! It was so disgusting! I tried to hide in the corner and "clean myself up" all discretely. I was hoping that no one noticed, kids or adults. Horrible.
In this school, the children call you by your first names, at least the younger children do. So instead of them calling me Mrs. Hembree, they called me Mikelle. It was a bit odd but I got used to it. Everyone had such a hard time remembering what my name was and also how to pronounce it. Even the TA's and other adults struggled. I was called Mikayla a few times, Michelle, and also just given that confused look like they weren't even going to make an attempt at it. So funny. It isn't a popular name here at all. Like, people have never heard of it.
During one of the play sessions, I was sitting at a table with some children building toy cars made out of cereal boxes, straws and wooden wheels. From across the table I hear a little voice saying a name over and over again, a constant repetition of name saying without any break. She is saying, "Matilda, Matilda......Matilda!!! Matilda, Matilda, Matilda, Maaaaatilllldaaaa!! (You get the picture) I finally look to see what is going on and why Matilda isn't answering whoever is calling for her. I then realize that the little girl is calling at me. She thinks my name is Matilda. I tell her it isn't Matilda, it is Mikelle. She says, "Oh," and then says Mikelle. But it just didn't stick with her. She couldn't grasp her little mind around the name Mikelle. Just too foreign. She kept on calling me Matilda the whole day and pretty soon other children started calling me that too. She was a loud leader type of child, so the other kids followed her. They probably thought since she was calling me that, that it must be my name. So ya, after correcting her a couple more times, I realized it was pointless, and I, from then on, was known as Matilda, and answered to it for the rest of the day. Why Matilda you ask? I don't know. Maybe because there is a play called "Matilda" playing in London right now and she saw it recently? Who knows!
But one cool thing that happened today was.....I learned about another London holiday! Today is National Pancake Day! It is a British holiday. Everyone eats pancakes today and the kids even had them with their lunch with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. But the pancakes here are what Americans call crepes. Our pancakes are called American pancakes here, and no one eats them. So all the kids ate crepes today! Then in the afternoon, one of the TA's made "pancakes" in the classroom at one of the stations. She had her little stove and showed them how to make the batter and how to cook them. They loved it when she would flip them up in the air to turn them to the other side. They squealed with delight and started chanting her name to do it again! "Lucille! Lucille! Lucille!" Then they all got to sample them of course. Cute I thought. Maybe I will take this holiday to the US when I get home. February 21st=British pancake day!
Wish me luck for tomorrow.....I am teaching Year 5!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jack the Ripper

On Saturday afternoon when Nate and I were leaving from the temple, I got a surprise text from my friend that she was in London for the day, and wanted to know if we could get together. I was so excited to see Cindy and to spend some more time with her. :)
We decided to do the Jack the Ripper walking tour. I have heard of people doing walking tours in London before but had never done one myself. So we met up outside of Tower Hill tube station to meet our tour guide. It was such a fun couple of hours and at a great price too!
If you are wondering who Jack the Ripper is.....well. Let me tell you. Beware, this post might not be suitable for children. :)
Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in London back in 1888. He successfully killed 5 women in 3 months and still was never caught. To this day, no one really knows who the killer was or what happened to him. They have predictions and have narrowed it down to 3 men, but still it remains a mystery. Besides killing them, he would cut up their bodies, take out their organs, and even eat their organs on occasion. He found joy in killing and he would do it with people around and still no one would even notice. They were silent deaths. With each death, he would leave similiar stab markings, and cut marks on their bodies, making it obvious that each death was performed by the same man.
"By the 1880's, London was the most powerful city in the world. Yet beneath a veneer of imperial wealth and moral rectitude lay a dark undercurrent of sin, depravity and grinding poverty. This was largely concentrated in the East End. Terror gripped theis area for 3 short months in 1888 when 5 prostitutes were slaughtered by a silent and ruthless killer. His name was Jack the Ripper."
During the tour, our tour guide would tell us stories of this time in London as we walked around to the areas that the murders actually happened. We went from murder site to murder site, alley way to alley way, as we took in all the gory details of this disgusting serial killer and terrifying time in history. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and told lots of good details to make each story come to life. Creppy to think that I walk these streets on a daily basis! So much history has happened on them. If only the streets and old buildings could talk!
The 5th murder was the most grusome. The woman was only 26, the youngest of all his victims. Her murder was also the only one that happened indoors. Here are some details of it: "Her uterus, kidneys and one of her breasts were placed by her head. Her liver was between her feet. Her intestines were placed over her right shoulder and her spleen over her left. Flesh from the abdomen and thighs were on the bedside table. Her heart was missing."
Although spooky and grusome, we has a ton of fun. I can't wait to do more walking tours througout London. They are a great way to see and learn more about the city for a cheap price!
After the tour, Nate, Cindy and I went for some Thai food at The Banana Tree. It was delicious of course. I got a yellow curry with jasmine rice and a noodle asian salad with sesame dressing.

We ended the night with a trip to Amorino for some gourmet ice cream. I got the yogurt, mango and nutella flavors and they all were completely divine. I love that place! It is must go to when in London. It ended up being such a fun night! Thanks Cindy for making our weekend by popping in for the night! :) We miss you already!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Going to the Temple and We're, Gonna get Married...."

"Going to the temple and we're, gonna get married.....," well I guess we are already married so that doesn't quite fit with the situation, but I still had that song stuck in my head the whole way to the temple. Saturday was our ward temple trip! Last time I went to the temple was with Scott and Jean in October, so we were definitely due to go again. Bishop Odoi and his wife Vida, were kind enough to give us a ride out there, along with the Nortons. It was about an hour drive, maybe a little more, but the time flew by because we were having such fun conversations with the six of us.

The London temple is gorgeous and so peaceful. I think the celestrial room in this temple is my favorite. The ceiling is painted with clouds and a blue sky. I love going to the temple and feeling that peace and assurance that God is in control of our lives and that he loves us. It was fun looking around the room and seeing fellow ward members there as well with us, and some friends from Hyde Park ward. I love going with Nate and realizing all over again that we are sealed as an eternal family. Sorry Babe, but you are stuck with me! :)

Can't wait for the next trip!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Lion King!

The Lion King. I grew up loving this show. I remember when the movie came out and how popular it was. It quickly became one of my favorite Disney movies next to The Little Mermaid. I loved it and sang along with all the fun songs. When the musical came out I was super excited and anxious to see it......but just never did. So when Nate got Lion King tickets for us for Valentine's Day, I was ecstatic!

He wouldn't tell me where we were sitting when I asked him, but just kept on saying that it was a surprise. When we got to the theater, the usher was showing us to our seats, and they weren't just ordinary seats. He took us down a few staircases and then up another one, through this big maze it felt like, until finally we had our seats. Nate had gotten us box stall seats. For those of you who don't know, there are these private little stall rooms on the sides of the theater, about 4 on each side that you can buy to sit in. They are ideal for kids or if you want to move around during the show. You can talk, sit, snuggle, stand, do pretty much whatever you want in your little box. It was so fun! I felt like royality or like a famous couple as we were led to our "special seats." And surprisingly, they were cheaper than most other seats! The only downfall was it had a slight restricted view of the left hand side of the stage, but other than that, it was great. We were really close so you could see all the facial expressions, but far enough away to see the dancing choreography. It was perfect! What a fun surprise!

Our view of the stage from our box stall.

All the othe people in the audience. It was packed!
We had such a great time. I have to say that The Lion King is definitly my new favorite musical hands down. Nate says it is his favorite too. Wicked and Les Miserables are close 2nds but I loved Lion King the most. My favorite part was the opening song, "The Circle of Life." The costumes were incredible and there was so much to look at. When it was over I wished that I could rewind and have them do it over and over again so I could soak it all in. They had all these animals come on to the stage from different directions. They came from the aisles and corners of the stage area. The costumes were so amazing that they all looked like real animals. The giraffes were on stilts for their hands and feet with a big neck and head hats on. They even had a huge elephant come up from the aisle carried by 4 people, each person standing inside of each elephant leg. It actually got caught coming up the stairs, and 2 stage managers wearing black had to run out on the stage and help them get unstuck. The puppets were amazing, and the talent was of course amazing. My jaw was dropped the whole time. I just couldn't believe how good it was.
In the movie when Mufassah and Scar both die, they fall back first off of a cliff to their death. I was curious of how they would do this in the play. Well.....They had invisible string attached to them which allowed them to fall backwards from up high all the way down to the stage, and it looked so real. They flashed some strobe lights during the falls to make them seem like they were falling for longer than they actually were. So good. The little kids who played Nala and Simba as little lions were adorable and so talented. I could go on and on about different aspects of the play, but I think you just need to go and see it for yourself.
I can't wait to go and see it again when my family comes in June! :) You 3 will love it!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Big Issue

Nate and I absolutely love living in London. We are having the time of our lives. The parks are gorgeous, the theater is fantastic, the different cultures are so interesting.....the list could go on and on. The one thing that kills me about living here though is all of the homeless people. They are everywhere. They live in the telephone booths, they sleep on the road under cardboard boxes and tarps, they are constantly begging for "spare change". We live right in central London, so we see them all the time. It kills me to know that there are so many people around that are so depressed and have so little.

There is a program here that was set up to benefit the homeless people called, "The Big Issue Magazine." Homeless people stand outside of stores, on the sidewalks, everywhere, and sell this magazine. It is set up to get them back on their feet and out of the homeless cycle. They buy a stack of magazines and then sell them for more money. It is intended for them to be be actually selling something for money instead of just begging for it....which helps them feel more civil and worthwhile.
So yesterday after work, I went to the Whole Foods in Kennsington because I needed to get a few things. I got my groceries and started walking back towards the Tesco to pick up a few more things for dinner. I saw a lady selling The Big Issue on the sidewalk that I was walking on. I didn't think much of it. I walked by her, glanced at her and kept on walking, like I usually do. I have never bought one before and thought I probably never would.....not because I didn't want to, but because we are poor college students and need every cent that we make. Plus, I know that we give other ways through our church and things. Plus, I justify to myself that if anything, I should give them food instead of money because the likeliness of them buying drugs or alcohol with the money that they get is high.
But as I glanced at this lady, something hit me. I knew that I needed to stop. So since I already passed her, I stood behind a telephone booth to check and make sure I had the extra change. There was just something different about this lady. Her eyes pierced into me like she was crying out for help. I think she got to me because she was young, close to my age, and just the look in her eyes.....she looked so dejected and full of sorrow. She looked like she has been through so much in her life, more than I could ever imagine. I knew that I needed to buy one from her and it would probably make her day.
So yeah.....I caved.....I bought The Big Issue....
And let me tell is a pretty stupid magazine. There are maybe like 2 pages in the entire thing that interest me. It definitely wasn't worth the $2.50 pence that I paid, but hey! At least I made that lady a little happier and hopefully that can contribute to her getting back into non-homeless-ness.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Lovers Day!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
Valentine's is one of those holidays that you either love or you hate, depending upon if you have that special someone in your life. This year, I loved Valentine's Day, and I could even say that it was one of my favorite Valentine's. :)
I didn't have to work because it is half term break for all the schools in London, so it was nice to relax and spend the day with Nate. We don't get as much time together anymore as I would like because we are both so busy with school and work, so it was nice to have a day to spend with just the two of us. I woke up early to put his surprises out on the desk. :) Here is what he saw:

Nate loves Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and there is a store in Piccadilly Circus which is very close to our house. We haven't gone there yet since we have moved here, so I thought that would be a good Valentine breakfast for him. And, he loves Naked juice. I love it too. It has a pound of fruit in that one little bottle. And of course, you can't eat a cinnamon roll without hot cocoa, so I made some Nutella hot cocoa with cadbury hot chocolate mix with heart shaped marshmallows drizzled with chocolate sauce. I made some silly signs to go with it to make it all a little bit more Valentineish.....With the Naked juice I wrote, "Let's get Naked!" With the Cinnabon I wrote, "I want to pinch your cute bon bon." And with the hot cocoa I wrote, "You are way hotter than this hot cocoa." I also spelled out "I Love You!" using Valentine's colored M&M's.
Doesn't that just look heavenly?
Nate loved it.

Nate was super excited for the toy helicopter that I got for him. The cool part about it is that it is ran from your Iphone. So you use your phone for the controller. Nate was in heaven playing with 2 of his favorite things.....remote control toys and phones. His little boy side came out in him! :)
Here was my Valentine's Day surprise. I woke up to this note taped to my desk lamp. At the end it said, "Wake me up for your surprise! Love You!" I had gone to bed before Nate did and he stayed up doing "homework," but really he was playing the role of Cupid. He sent me on a treasure hunt throughout the room, lounge and kitchen areas. Each clue had a riddle or a little rhyming poem that I had to solve to find the next clue. Some clues had prizes attached to them. It was very cute. The first clue, I had to find in the scriptures the place where it talks about husbands loving their wives and wives loving their husbands. Inside that page was the next clue that said this: "On this morn I've made for you, A Valentine's day hunt to do, search high and low, near and far, for where would I hide a milky bar?"
This was one of the prizes....I know it is Easter candy but I love them anyway!
One of my favorite candies.
I found these heavenly treats hidden behind our books. The clue that was attached to this went like this: "I can never wait until After Eight when my lady becomes my baby, now search for what you hold that's mine you'll find it behind the Hembree sign."
That clue led me to a heart shaped Krispy Kreme doughnut that was in the kitchen behind the sign that says what cabinet is ours. "Search for what you hold that is mine," meaning his heart. :)
One of my gifts that he gave me was an Indian food cooking class at an Indian restaurant down on Shaftesbury Avenue. It is a 3 hour class and I am super excited for it. I love cooking and since living here, I have developed a love for Indian food. I'll let you know how it goes!
And now for the best part....
(Don't worry mom, dad, and Anna.
It is such a good play that I am sure we will be dying to see it again when you guys come visit)
The clue that led me to this went like this: "In the area where they pile papers, packages, and post, you will find something I think you will like the most." I ran to the mail box inside the lounge, and found this receipt for Lion King tickets for Friday night. I have been wanting to see this play for so long now and I am so excited. I have heard amazing things about it!

For lunch we went to Nando's. It is a Portuguese restaurant and it was very interesting. Nate has been wanting to go there for a while now because it is the only restaurant around here with bottomless soft drinks. He wants the unlimited Coke. :) Most restaurants here just fill it up once in a small glass, and that is it. So you have to drink it slow...but here, you can have as much as you desire.
The food there is very unusual, but very good. I got a lentil, pumpkin seed, chickpea, spice bean burger with pineapple and cheese in a pita. For my side I got their velvety smooth mashed potatoes. Nate got their chicken burger with a homeade bun and spicy fries.
I told you they use the word "bit" a lot.
Here is the napkin from Nando's.
I am so blessed to have such a great husband that loves me and takes care of me. Even though I know he thinks these little creative treasure hunt types of things are silly, he does them anyway because he knows that I like them and appreciate those types of things. He is such a hard worker, so smart, so loving, caring and thoughtful. He is honest and trustworthy and I know that he loves me. He makes me laugh and keeps me entertained. I am a lucky lady to have found this great guy. :)