Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Do They Have in Common???

What do these two people (groups) have in common???

If you said, "They both sing." You are right.
If you said, "They both are Mormon or LDS." You are also right.
But the real answer is.....
they both bring people to the gospel and help in the conversion process.
Story #1-
There is a lady in my ward named Carol and she grew up in London. When she was young, around 15 years of age, she was obsessed with the Osmonds. She knew that they were Mormon, (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints) so she looked up the closest Mormon church to her house and decided to go with a couple of other obsessed friends to the service on Sunday, to "meet the Osmonds." She thought that they would be at church, even though she lived in a different country than them. :) But she was bound and determined to meet them. When she got there, she didn't meet the Osmonds, but she met a set of young men that changed her life forever. The missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She talked with them and they told her more about the church. She started meeting with them regularly and taking the missionary lessons, and soon after she was baptized. Years later, she is still active and attending the Whitechapel ward in North London.
Story #2-
We had the missionaries over for dinner last night and they were telling us about some of the people that they are currently teaching. They told us about a girl named Caroline that is 19 and is meeting with them. Caroline is from London and she is obsessed with David Archuletta. She knew that David was Mormon and wanted to meet him very badly. So, she looked up the nearest Mormon church by her home and found out where to go, the Whitechapel ward in North London. She hoped that she could meet David Archuletta at the church there in London. Of course, she didn't end up meeting David there since he goes to the Mormon church in Murray, Utah, and not the one in North London, but she met two other young men that day that are now changing her life. She met the missionaries serving in that ward right now and she is currently taking the missionary lessons. She is loving what she is learning.
-Carol and Caroline growing up both had a deep love for Mormon pop star singers.
-They both looked up the local churches in London and attended the Sunday service
in hopes of meeting their American Mormon pop star crush.
-They both either took or are currently taking the missionary lessons
from the missionaries and learned or are learning more about the gospel.
-And they both have similar names.....Carol and Caroline.
Crazy huh?
I thought so.
Too bad I didn't post this post on Friday the 13th.

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    Tyrell Doig