Monday, January 23, 2012

Tropicana Trafalgar Square

We got back from Ireland this morning around 10,
and I was excited to have the whole day off
before going back to work again the next day.
I cleaned up our house, did some dishes, unpacked, slept,
and then headed to the gym after a weekend full of food.
I needed to go desperately, even though I teach Zumba tonight.
On the way home, I saw this at Trafalgar Square.
There was this huge crane in the middle of the square
holding up a big yellowish orangish ball.
It was an advertisement for Tropicana orange juice.
The best part was that they were giving away free mini orange juice bottles!
I asked what they were going to do with the ball,
and the girl said,
"Tonight when it gets dark,
we are going to lift it up in the sky and it will glow and be really bright
and it will look like the sun."
I thought it seemed kind of funny
but was happy to get some free OJ out of it. :)
Thanks Tropicana for advertising right next to my house!

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