Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I remember when I was probably in 9th grade, my sister Mindy was looking at me.

I noticed she was looking towards my lip area and then she said,

"Cooners, (that is my family nickname)

have you ever thought of getting your lip waxed?

You have a moustache coming on. Lots of black hairs. I think you probably should."

I remember being slightly offended, and then kind of insecure about my lip.

I had never heard of anyone that I knew getting their lip waxed really.

I had never even noticed hairs there!

Its not like it is a normal everyday thing that people do like getting a haircut

or a pedicure or any other spa like treatment.

But I checked it out, and even though I knew it would be painful, I got it done.

I have been hooked ever since.

I now wax my lip regularly and I don't think I will ever stop.

Thanks Mindy. :)

You are probably thinking,

"What a weird thing to post...Why is she writing about this?"

Well, I kinda had a funny experience

while getting my lip waxed in London that I thought I should share.

I searched online for waxing places in Central London.

I called a few, compared prices,and went with the cheapest one- £10.

I get there and walk in.

The lady had a really thick accent. I don't even know where from.

She kept on asking me a question. I couldn't understand what she was asking.

After having her repeat it several times, I realized that she thought I was there for the tanning bed and that I had an appt. to go tanning. I explained to her that no, I was there for a lip wax, and I didn't have an appt.

She said, "Do you want a waxing or a fredding?"

"Waxing or what?"


Her accent was really getting in the way and making it hard for me.



"Fredding? What is fredding?"

"FREDDING." She says in a more annoyed harsher tone.

"Um....ok (realizing I would never get it and asking more only made it worse).....

I'm only familiar with waxing. What's the difference?"

"Well, fredding is much better for your skin and doesn't leave wrinkles.

Waxing takes off a layer of your skin each time and causes aging over time.

They do fredding in alot of Asian countries, that's where it started.

For face, I would definitely recommend fredding. You should try it."

"Are they the same level of pain?"

"Ya....maybe....waxing is probably worse."

"Ok...well I guess I'll try it...So, sorry what are you really saying...can you spell it for me?"

She rolls her eyes and just motions for the other lady to take me back into the room.

I am rude...but, this is interesting.

I wonder what the heck she is saying and what I am getting myself into.

I lay on the chair in the back room with an Asian lady that speaks minimal English.

She grabs this basket that has a bunch of spools of thread in it.

I say, "OH....THreading....I get it now! I couldn't understand before..."

I start to panic and wonder how in the heck they are going to get the hairs out with some thread. I pictured her cutting off strands of thread and tying them ever so carefully to each little blonde hair on my lip, then yanking it out one my one. I pictured it taking a long long time and not being that effective. The more my imagination wondered, the more I was thinking, what the heck. How does this work? I started imagining even weirder things and I started freaking myself out. I didn't want to be trapped in there and have her start, have me hate it, and then not want her to finish. I felt alone because there was no one to ask about it who I could even understand or who was nice enough to explain.

I say, "So, how do you get the hairs out with the thread? Do you tie them on?"

The lady looks so frustrated and angry with me.

I then make a decision, "Actually, I think I have changed my mind. I will go ahead and do what I am used to, I just want a lip wax. No threading."

(I'm wondering if I should even let her touch me at all at this point.)

She kind of rolled her eyes like I am some dumb American.

Then the whole waxing experience was one of the worst in my life....

Instead of putting the wax on and counting to "1, 2, 3!",

and then pressing down on my lip afterward to relieve the pain,

she just put the wax down, then yanked it off really fast without any warning whatsoever!

The first time it startled me so much that I jumped in my seat and kind of squealed out loud!

It wasn't because of the pain, I am used to that after many years of doing this,

but it was the suddenness of the pain, without knowing when it was coming.

It was the most odd thing.

It was like she was in a hurry or something.

Maybe this was her way of getting even with me for all of my dumb "fredding" questions. :)

She did it like that each time for both sides and the middle with no warning.

I wanted to burst out laughing.

I felt like she was doing some kind of strange surgery on me.

The whole situation was just so crazy.

When I got home, I researched "threading vs. waxing" and learned alot.

They even have some videos on You Tube about it.

It seems a little odd but cool in a way too.

It definitely takes talent to do threading to someone.

It is an art.

Here are some pics for those of you who were clueless like me:

I don't know if I will ever try it, but it seems effective I guess.

But....I think I will stick to good old waxing.

Seems more normal.

I guess threading would prevent me from having experiences like

getting burned on my lip because of the wax being too hot,

and then having a date that night

and having a big scab above my lip that looked like a permanent booger stuck there.

This happened to me at BYU.

It was with a date that I really liked too.

(Beware of getting your lip waxed at a Provo Beauty School)

I didn't know what was worse....

To tell him that I get my lip waxed and have him know I have a hairy lip that needs waxing,

or to have him think it was a booger.....

I think I told him the truth. :)

Anyway, after that day with the whole threading thing,

I told myself I would never go to that salon again

just because I was so poorly treated and it wasn't a good all round experience.

But then, the other day,

this man was handing out coupons on the street

for a £5 off any service to that salon!

That would make my next lip waxing only £5, which is cheap!

I guess I am going back.

I will do anything to save $.

Hopefully I will have a better experience this time.

So what do you think?

Should I try threading or stick to waxing???


  1. About 6 years ago I started waxing my lip. It was just SO smooth. I never ever had dark hairs, it was all peach fuzz. Then when I was pregnant every time I waxed I got GIANT cold sores way up on my nearly quarter size ones that would last FOREVER. Super annoying. So a few months ago I was looking closely in the mirror and noticed I now have DARK hair on my lip! For the love! So I am back to waxing every 2-3 weeks now. You should get your own warmer and strips, saves a ton of mine and you can avoid rude weirdos.

  2. I've tried waxing my lip and I tend to break out afterwards. Wax never seems to bother my eyebrows. I read somewhere that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilin Monroe shaved theirs mustahces so I started doing it too. I'm too cheap to have someone wax it and too much of a sissy to wax myself. I've tried.. I just get so freaked out because I have to pull the strip. Lady problems. lol

  3. I love reading about all of your adventures! I got your message and tried to call you back today... is there a certain time that is good for me to call and chat?

  4. Are you sure it was me? Maybe eyebrow tweezing instead? :)

  5. Ok I love this post Mikelle haha. I have waxed mine since I can remember, probably the same time you started. I love the feeling even though it's not the most necessary thing for me, and I space my apts out farther apart too but anyways....

    I HAVE heard of threading! Funny enough one of my treatment girls showed me one time (she is also asian) and she did it to all of the girls and they all loved it. I couldn't have her do mine due to boundaries but still I want to try it! I would try it once if I were you because I have heard that it's easier on the skin. I don't know anyone in my town that does it or I'd try it! let me know if you do.