Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the New Year Off Right

What better way to start the New Year then by eating a salad?
We had a salad for dinner on New Year's Day.
It was delicious and very healthy.
It had romaine, swiss cheese, chicken, grapes, pears, craisins, cashews, and lemon dressing.
But I have to admit.....
after eating the salad,
I did sneak a spoonful of Nutella.
And it was really good.
While eating dinner last night, Nate and I were reading some New Year's news online.
It said that the number one resolution for people every year is always to lose weight.
Stop smoking, save money, get a better job, exercise...come in as close 2nds.
But losing weight always comes in 1st.
It also said that by the 2nd week of January, most people give up on their resolutions.
How sad, but true.
It is funny to me how crowded the gym is the first week of January,
and how much more full church is the first couple weeks too.
Here are some of my New Year's Resolutions:
1. Be more positive no matter what the situation is.
2. Enjoy the small simple things in life.
3. Realize that right now is my "Golden Ticket" instead of always waiting to be happy when "something better or more exciting comes along." http://
4. Do things that are completely out of my comfort zone.
5. Stay in better contact with the people that I love and care about through email and phone.
6. Make positive differences in peoples' lives around me.
7. Serve and work hard in my new calling as Visiting Teaching Supervisor.
8. Be a better wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend.
9. Stop comparing myself to others, especially my weaknesses to their strengths.
10. Be more willing to share my talents with others.
What are some of your New Year's Resolutions???

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