Friday, January 27, 2012

St. Edwards Primary School

Today I had a little different teaching experience than most days....
I taught at a Catholic School!
It was called St. Edwards Primary School
and the best part was that it was only about a 15 min tube ride from my house.
This is much better than the usual 45 minute tube ride.
I got to sleep in an extra 30 minutes too!
So the kids had the cutest uniforms. They all wore blue and silver striped ties, the boys and the girls, navy sweaters, white collared shirts, and the girls wore gray skirts while the boys wore gray pants. They looked so cute and so sharp! Loved it. We had an assembly in the morning and the kids talked about different celebrations that people celebrate. Towards the end of the assembly, they did a religious part which was very unusual for me in the school setting. Yes, religion in the schools is definitely more open here since they teach Religious Education courses, but this was over the top. I guess I am not used to teaching at Catholics schools. All the kids crossed themselves several times and repeated the Lord's prayer while holding their hands in prayer position. There were also tons of statues of the Virgin Mary and crosses everywhere in the school with Jesus on them. At the end the day, the teacher had written on my plans, "Tidy up, Prepare for Home Time, Nightly Prayers." In the classroom, there was a religious corner with bibles and church books, rosary necklaces, etc. So interesting....
The day went pretty well except for these 3 boys. They were so aggressive and they are only in Year 1! It is so funny to me how different boys are from girls. When boys fight they punch each other and kick, pretty much anything physical. When girls fight, it is all emotional and verbal aggression. They will say things like, "Well, you aren't my friend. You can't play with me. I'm not going to invite you to my birthday party." I see these types of things everyday. Anyways, these three boys drove me absolutely nuts. They were constantly fighting with each other, poking each other on the carpet, bothering each other. Then they would get hurt and come tattling to me saying things like, "He pushed me!" "Well, he called me stupid!" Well he said the f word!" "Well he punched me!" I can barely stand all the drives me nuts. Can't we just all get along and be friends? Please? Then with only about 10 minutes left until school was over, one of the aggressive boys punched a sweet boy at his table in the face. It was a hard punch too! The aggressive boy's mom doesn't speak English, so we had to tell the big sister what had happened so she could relay the message to the mom. So hard when there is a language barrier. I can't imagine.
There was also 3 nose bleeds today, from 2 different kids. It was an interesting day.....
Funny Things the Kids Said This Week:
-"You are so pretty. I can tell that you are a Mrs. and not a Miss."
-A girl gave me this art project that she made. She took a mermaid coloring page and chopped the edges up and glued some paper around the edges and then wrote my name on it. She gave it to me. I said thank you but then said, "You should color it. I think it needs some color on it." She gave me this look like she really didn't want to but didn't know how to tell me. Then she said, "Actually it looks really pretty just like that when you put it in the light."

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