Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Little Japanese Flavor

Nate served his mission for the LDS church in Japan.
Even though he has been home for about 8 years,
he still knows his Japanese quite well and is able to speak it.
This comes partly from his chance to give Japanese tours at the
Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii for several years.
He also had an emphasis in Asian studies in school
where he took some Japanese courses.
Also, he is just very smart and remembers things easily. :)
In Nate's program at LSE, there are 2 Japanese students that he is friends with.
They are both married and one has a little baby boy.
Over the Christmas break, we all went out to lunch at an authentic Japanese restaurant.
I opened the menu and wasn't surprised because it was like what I pictured it would be like before I got there. Mostly seafood dishes, sushi, and lots of rice. There are also some things on there that I haven't ever heard of. Before we left the house, Nate told me he would help pick something out for me that I would like.....without him, I would have been lost of what to order.
Here is what all the Japanese people got, or a dish similar to it:
It has white rice on the bottom layer and then tons of different raw seafoods on the top like crab, tuna, fish eggs, eel, and salmon. No wonder Asian people are so healthly and skinny!
There is no oil, fat, or fried anything on here.
Here is what Nate got. He went the safe route with the beef dish.
And of course rice, salad, and miso soup.
And I went the even safer route. :)
All vegetable dish!
I got the vegetable tempura with dipping sauces, with rice, salad, and miso soup.
The tempura was great!
Funny how my dish was one of the most expensive on the menu even though it had no meat.
I usually order the cheaper dishes,
but here, I knew this was the only way for me to go, despite the high price tag.
I am not a seafood person at all, and I am pretty picky about my meats.
I'm a vegetable girl all the way.
After we were done eating, we went with one of the couples to two different Japanese Asian markets. It was really fun and interesting to me. I loved it. Nate was showing me around and showing me different things that he used to buy on his mission to cook and eat. It was fun to see this side of him, the missionary in him. We also picked up some Hi Chews candy, apple and strawberry. I used to buy these all the time in Hawaii, but I have never had the authentic ones from Japan. Very good. (Mindy and Camron....they also had Hi Softs! I thought of you guys! What we didn't get any.) Before we ate lunch, one of the couples gave Nate a little Christmas present. She had gone home to Japan and brought back some holiday rice crackers all different flavors and gave them to us. It was so sweet of her and they were very good.
It is fun for me to see Nate around Japanese people and to see him interact with them while using his Japanese. I feel like I know Nate very well, being married for over a year now, but when he starts speaking Japanese, I realize that there is this side to him that I haven't really seen that much of. I love it! Sometimes when the Japanese couples don't understand something that I am saying in English or when I ask them a question, Nate will rephrase it for them in Japanese and explain it to them. Then they understand and answer me back in English. It is fun to see Nate in his element. I am so proud of him that he has kept his language skills up. What an amazing gift to able to speak another language fluently.
One of my favorite parts about being in London is experiencing all the cultures here.
There are so many different kinds of people and I love it.
I feel like I get to travel around the world everyday because of all the
different people I meet from different countries, but I am just staying in one place.
London is such a melting pot!

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