Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Bachelor History

Some of you may know that one of my guilty pleasures in life is
watching "The Bachelor," and "The Bachelorette."
I have to admit that I am quite the fan.
I rarely miss an episode.
The last episodes that I my missed were not my fault
because I was on my mission.
But other than that, I am devoted.
Actually, towards the end of my mission,
I made a goal not to watch any reality TV anymore
because I thought it was too worldly
and knew I could fill my time with better things.
This lasted for not very long.....
and then that goal went out the window
and there I was, hooked again.
Now this is not something that I am extremely proud of,
nor something that I am really that ashamed of.
I know it isn't the most wholesome or inspiring thing to watch,
but I do find joy in watching it.
I think we all could use a little addicting silly TV show
every once in a while, right?
I have fond memories when it comes to watching this show:
Watching and snuggling up on the couch with my dog Chloe, watching with my mom and sisters and discussing our thoughts throughout the show, heading down to the lounge Freshman year at BYU while living in DT planning to watch it with just a few people and then finding a whole room full of Bachelor fans from my dorm, watching in Jackson Hole Wyoming late at night online because I missed the actual show on TV because of play practices, discussing with my mom and sisters our thoughts on the phone after watching an episode, missing several episodes on my mission but reading my mom's letters with occasional Bachelor updates from the current season (haha), watching in Hawaii with a bunch of girl friends while eating Acai bowls, watching it with my cousins, mom, sisters, and nieces at the condos in A1, watching and snuggling up with Nate before we were married and breaking him into the show since he had never seen it, watching it with Nate at Wymount every Tuesday night online while snuggling on the lovesac and eating some homeade treat...
The list could go on forever.
Now I am creating even more fun Bachelor memories here in London.
Every Tuesday night, I stroll on over to Heather's flat
and we watch it together with a group of girls from the ward!
And the Bachelor memories continue to go on.
I'm glad I'm not the only Bachelor addict in the London area...
I thought it would be fun to take an overview look
of all the Bachelor's from the previous seasons.
There have been 16 Bachelor seasons, but only 15 bachelors.
Because Brad Womack came back for a 2nd try.
So here they are.....all 15 bachelors.
#1- Alex Michel
This is the man who started it all!
Not that good looking I don't think.
#2- Aaron Buerge
#3- Andrew Firestone
#4- Bob Guiney
#5- Jesse Palmer
#6- Byron Velvick
#7- Charlie O'Connell
#8- Travis Stork
(Former boyfriend of Carrie Underwood)
#9- Prince Lorenzo Borghese
#10- Andy Baldwin
#11- Brad Womack
#12- Matt Grant
#13- Jason Mesnick
#14- Jake Pavelka
I'd have to say that he is my favorite, even though
I think he was a complete idiot for choosing Vienna
over the sweetest girl in the world, Tenley.
Bad choice, that's for sure.
#15- Brad Womack....again.
And announcing the new Bachelor for 2012....
#16- Ben Flajnik
(Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is....
So he owns a winery?
So what?
And I think he could use a haircut...)
Who is your favorite???
Happy Bachelor-ing Everybody! :)


  1. I love Ben! He was my favorite last season, because he was so down-to-earth and seemed genuine. I agree on the haircut part, though... he'd be handsome with shorter hair!

    Did you know his buddy from last season, Constantine, lives in my town? His restaurant (Giorgio's) is about 5 minutes from Adam's high school. I want to go there and meet him... Adam rolls his eyes when I say that - ha!

    1. I saw that one Facebook that you went to it! How fun! If I were you, I would find out when he is there and then go! Was the food really good or just average?