Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dinner and Games

Has everyone played Phase 10?
I grew up playing this game and always thought it was a blast.
It reminds me of New Year's Eve
or other holidays when you are wanting to pass the time
enjoying conversation and fun times with family and friends.
Last night,
I spent the evening with friends in the area.
Sadly, Nate stayed home to do homework and work on his talk for church
so I went to the party by myself.
Heather and Steven invited us,
Kelcey and Mike, and Arthur (Esther was out of town)
to their home for dinner and games.
We all brought something to share and the dinner turned out great.
We had turkey stuffed peppers, mashed potatoes,
steamed broccoli, fruit salad,
bread, juice,
and baked honey bananas with ice cream.
Then we played a few rounds of Uno
and then Phase 10.
Food, Games, Conversation with Good Friends=3 of my favorite things.

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