Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The British Museum

Nate and I took a trip to the British Museum.
This is one of the best free museums that London has the offer,
and it is only about a 20 minute walk away from our house!
It is huge! We have been there twice so far together and still haven't seen everything.
The museum is organized by different countries or parts of the world,
and the things that the British have collected from them.
There are so many amazing things.
Here are some pictures from the African section:
This is a hat made out of twine, cane, ostrich feathers, and spider webs.
They sure knew how to use the resources around them!
It comes from the San People from Southern Africa
from the early 20th century.
This is a dolls house made from clay!
It was found in Mauritania, which is in West Africa
in the late 20th century.
A person sculptured out of wood!
How many people played Mancala as a kid?
I did!
I thought it was so cool with all the smooth, bright, shiny rocks that you get to hold.
Well, this is a carved wood Mancala board from the 19th century!
It is from the Mano people from the Ivory Coast.

This next picture was from the Mummies section:

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