Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almost a Zumba Nightmare

I taught Zumba Monday and Thursday night this week at LA Fitness.
I also subbed for another class on Tuesday night.
On Thursday, I did my usual routine to get ready.
I got dressed, did my hair up, gathered my phone, bus pass, water bottle, and Ipod,
and rode the tube to Marylebone.
I got to the gym with about 5 mintues to spare.
People start flooding into my class.
You can tell it is January, because my classes have been extra packed lately.
There is probably close to about 50 people in there.
I plug in my Ipod into the sound system....
and I can't hear any music.
My Ipod won't even turn on. It has a completely black screen!
I knew it was charged because I checked it right before I left the house.
Panic starts to come over me as all the people are watching me and expecting a class.
I have thought about this situation before of having my music not work,
or forgetting my music and not realizing until I got there,
and it is one of my biggest nightmares.
It brought me back to the horrible day when I had to use CD's
last minute while subbing for a Zumba class at another gym.
That definitely was a Zumba nightmare!
If you didn't read that embarrassing post, you can read it here:
I didn't want to repeat another night like that.
It doesn't matter how good of a dancer I am,
or how much I smile and make them laugh,
without music, I am absolutely nothing when it comes to Zumba.
I check the lock button at the bottom. It is not locked.
I try to turn it on, thinking it just turned off. Nothing.
I briefly let the class know what is going on, and tell them that I will be right back.
I go find another employee at LA Fitness.
He says that he has a charger downstairs.
So we go to plug it into the charger. Nothing.
I am freaking out in my mind, but trying to keep cool.
It is now 5 minutes past the time that my class was supposed to start.
I go back upstairs about to tell them the bad news....
"So Sorry...class is cancelled for tonight because my Ipod broke." Lame.
Right before I am about to lay the bad news on them,
a girl comes up to me from the class and says that she thinks she knows how to fix it.
She said that the same thing happened to her
and she Googled what to do and it worked.
So she pressed some buttons and messed around with it,
and voila!
It turned on!
Seeing that white apple Mac icon was the best thing I had seen in a while.
The music started and the class went on!
I can't tell you how relieved I was.
Good thing that girl was in my class. :)
She saved me that day!
If you are wondering,
she said that all you do is hold the top and the middle button down at the same time,
for a long time, until it turns on.
Good thing we have Google in our lives....


  1. MIKELLE! It's time to make some cds of your songs and store them at the gyms!!!!! So glad it worked out for you!