Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santa Lucida

Ok.....Who remembers this doll growing up???

I know that I do!

Between my sister Anna and I, we had all the American Girl dolls. We pretty much knew what we were getting for Christmas every year before we even woke up Christmas morning. Now sadly, they are all sitting in the storage room at my parents house gathering dust. Oh well. Maybe my future daughters will play with them.

Anyway, I never understood why the Kirsten doll had an outfit like this. I knew it was part of her Swedish culture, but that's it. So today, I was teaching at Southbank International School in Notting Hill London, and I had a flash back of this American Girl Doll and her Swedish outfit.

Southbank is a very International school. The teachers and students are from everywhere. It is so fun to teach and work with so many people from different cultures. They regularly honor and celebrate the cultures of the students that attend the school. Today they did a Swedish day in honor of the Swedish students. They held a Santa Lucida Christmas assembly. I didn't bring my camera with me which I am kicking myself for, but these internet pics will have to do.....

There was a group of about 12 students, boys and girls that participated in this assembly. They were all from Sweden and Norway and were darling little kids. They came in with white robes on with red sashes tied around their waists. They were each holding a lit candle. Some were wearing candle wreaths on their heads and some of the boys were wearing pointy hats. The moment I saw them I thought to myself,
"I recognize that outift! The Kirsten American Girl Doll!" :)

They were all so cute. They sang several songs in different languages while holding their candles. It was so neat to be apart of this International Christmas celebration.
I felt so blessed to be there. Such a good day.

If you are wondering, What is Santa Lucida? Here is a little info....

In the Scandinavian countries, (Finland, Sweden, and Norway)
they hardly receive any sun light during the day in the winter time.
Some days there is no light whatsoever.
(Depressing huh?)
The Santa Lucida is a celebration where they celebrate light around the Christmas season.
The candles are their light during this dark part of the year.
They also celebrate by eating Lucia Buns, made with saffron.

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