Thursday, December 8, 2011

Make a Wish!

Today I taught Year 4. I read a book to the children about this fish that makes wishes. We talked about what a wish is and what kinds of things you could wish for. Then I had them close their eyes and think about what they would wish for if they were given one wish. What wish would you hope would come true? They then did a writing activity and wrote about their wish and why they chose it.

Here are some of the wishes:

1. "I would wish to play football and then I would be famous and popular."
2. "I would wish for a billion more wishes." (Smart girl)
3. "I would wish for long silky hair that sparkles. It would look like a star glimmering in the sky. It would be long like Rapunzel's hair." (Must be a Tangled fan!)
4. "I would wish for a baby sister. I want to take care of her. I would love her so much that I would forget to come to school. I would forget about my food."
5. "I would wish to be 18. If I was 18 I could get my own house, get my own car, have my own job, go loads of places, have my own money. I would nearly be old enough to own my own business. I could have my own family. It would be the best dream a boy could have to be 18. It would be a lovely miracle." (This little boy doesn't realize that life actually gets harder when you are older, and all these responsibilities aren't always the so great....he has a big surprise coming his way!)
6. "I would wish for a whole box of paint that would never run out."
7. "I would wish to go to my mom's country and meet her sister because I have never seen her." (So sad)
8. "I would wish for magical powers so I could turn my annoying brother into a big fat frog and make my Mum and Dad say I can have hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes for dinner forever!" (So cute, huh?)

Then it got me thinking......if I had 1 wish to make what would I choose? What are some of my wishes in life?

Here are a few of my wishes:

1. To have healthy happy children and to be their full time mom.
2. To be able to fly! I always have dreams about flying and sometimes I wonder if I was supposed to be born as a bird instead of a human. :)
3. To have the money to fly and travel the world as well as visit family and loved ones whenever I desire.
4. To be a professional wedding and party caterer. I would love to have a separate catering kitchen in my home built especially for my catering business.
5. To eat whatever I want and as much as I want and stay my ideal weight! Wouldn't that be the greatest!?
6. To have a fitness/dance room in my house and teach Zumba, fitness and dance classes out of my home. Wouldn't that be great just to walk downstairs, teach a few classes, and then walk upstairs and you are home!
7. To have the money to get a monthly facial, pedicure and massage, as well as shop to my hearts content without looking at or worrying about a single price tag!
8. To serve an international mission for the LDS church with my husband Nate after our children are grown.
9. To choreograph musical theater shows for a Children's Theater group.
10. To come up with a new product or invention that sells like crazy that no one has ever thought of before.
11. To never have to iron another article of clothing again.
12. To eat Red Mango or Pinkberry frozen yogurt everyday for the rest of my life.
13. To ride in a hot air balloon on a beautiful bright spring day.
14. To die the same day as all my loved ones so we never have to live a day without each other.
15. To never have another cold for the rest of my life.
16. To work on Food Network and get paid to cook, eat, and travel.

What are some of your wishes???

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