Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little Christmas Cheer

Megan and I found these dolls at Hamley's,

one of the coolest toy stores that I have ever been to.

It has five levels and really unique toys like magic balloons, Snap It!

throwing game, and magical snow.

It is every kids dream just to walk around in there.

But the coolest thing that I saw there was the Kate and William barbie dolls.

If I was a little younger, I would definitely be asking Santa for a set of these!

As I explained in one of my older Christmas posts, people eat out here for Christmas day.

There are signs like these above, all over London.

I can't imagine eating out instead of being at home with your family!

This made me laugh.
Even McDonald's has the Christmas spirit.
They are selling After Eight Mint McFlurrys and mince custard pies!
It is the "festive menu!" :)
Goodbye regular old Oreo McFlurrys and apple pies.
See you in January.
I was walking by Oxford Street the other day
and I heard Christmas songs being played by a band.
I looked and saw this group playing.
They were very talented and the music made me in a great mood.
It definitely put a spring in my step and a smile on my face.
They were raising money for the Salvation Army.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Only 5 more days!

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