Monday, December 12, 2011

"It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...."

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....everywhere you go.

Take a look in the 5 and 10, glistening once again,

with candy canes and silver lanes aglow....."

It seems like I have had this song stuck in my head recently.

It could be because Nate had $2 to spend of free money on Amazon and he bought two Christmas songs, one of them being

"It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas," by Michael Buble.

So, I have been listening to that song at least twice a day on my Iphone.

It is quite catchy....and it is true!

London is beginning to look a lot like Christmas lately.....

This one might not be the best example, because all of these people were completely trashed, but it is Christmasy none the less. There were a ton of people dressed up in Santa outfits the other day around Trafalgar Square as well as all around London. I think they had a big, "Let's start off the Christmas season with getting trashed" party, but it made fun pictures anyway.

I took this picture tonight on my way home from checking out a book from the library.
Isn't it gorgeous? I love it because you can see the tree, The National Gallery museum, a red double decker bus, and Nelson's Column monument all in the same shot.
It gives you a good feel for London.
Here is a closer shot of the tree at Trafalgar Square. It is absolutely huge, but very simply decorated. I love how the fountain shoots off colored water. Behind the tree a little ways is a nativity scene with statues displaying the night Jesus was born.

This is my favorite Christmas tree that I have spotted in London so far. It is the tree in Covent Gardens. I love how it is in a big wooden barrel with the bright red bow wrapped around it.

Here is a cute little London street with lots of shops and cafes....and of course

the Christmas tree on the side.

Rudolph was also spotted in the Covent Gardens area. It is huge.

On Saturdays here, they bring in live reindeer for children to pet.....

and hopefully adults too. :)

Covent Gardens market place. Lots going on here. Tonight there was a male opera singer entertaining the guests, who had a fabulous voice.

A closer view of the ornament decorations.....they are all different sizes. Such a cute decoration.

Another market place near Covent Gardens with the red pom poms.

The Savoy theater and hotel even has a little Christmas spirit with their festive decorations. They are playing "Legally Blonde" here right now, which we haven't seen yet, but it is definitely on my list of shows to see before I leave.

The "Sicilian Avenue." I found this little street today while I was walking home.

It has a bunch of cute Italian restaurants with fun Christmas

decorations everywhere and trees in every window.

This is a hotel.....not sure which one. But I thought the greenery with the

big red bows was quite festive.

These little treats are found everywhere in London.

I mean everywhere.

Londoners and anyone from England go crazy for them.

They think they are the best.

Try them out and see if you agree!

The links for the recipes are posted below:

Mince Pies and Filling Recipe-

Christmas Pudding Recipe-

Merry Christmas from London! :)

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  1. We love your posts and to see all fun you guys are having. Tell Nate hi from Kat and Jon and we hope you have a very "Happy Christmas."