Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Fed a Reindeer!

"You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen,

Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen..."

Guess What everybody???

I Fed a Reindeer!

Which one....I don't know.

Covent Gardens is by far one of my favorite places in London.

I am lucky to live only about an 8 minute walk away from it.

They have tons of cute things going on right now for Christmas!

On Saturday, they had a reindeer feeding. They gave us this weird plant looking thing that I had never seen before (favorite reindeer treat I guess) and we got to feed them. Thanks to Nate, I got some good pictures. Ya, I know that reindeer are just a certain breed of deer, but come on, it is a reindeer...The animals that Santa rides on Christmas Eve.

The funny thing was that I was the only adult really participating.

Everyone around us had a kid or two with them.

I guess I am still at kid at heart.

Candy cane bush decorations.....pretty cool, so of course I had to capture them with my camera.

And of course, more carolers. I love Christmas songs!

On the way out, we walked into St. Paul's Church.

Not St. Paul's Cathedral, but Church.

They are different.

We went in to explore a little and there was a group rehearsing for their concert that evening. There was a string quartet, flute player, piano player, a soprano and a tenor. It was fun to listen to them for free, instead of paying for their concert that night for £15.

That is about $24 a ticket.

Nate and I on a sleigh.

This was really only for kids to take pictures on too, but we look young right?

The best part of this picture is the Pizza Hut sign in the background.

It adds a nice Christmas touch don't you think?

They do have a great deal for a £7 all you can eat pizza and salad buffet at lunchtime.

That is very reasonable.

I never really appreciated Pizza Hut that much until moving to London. :)

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