Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cookie Exchange!

When you think of the holidays what do you think of?
The first things that come to my mind are:
Family, Parties, Trees, Decorations, Christ's birth, Santa Clause, Presents, and of course...
There are just certain foods that you eat during the holidays
that are a tradition and that make it memorable.
Some of my favorite foods are holiday foods.
Every Christmas morning, my mom makes a special breakfast, and we only have it once a year. She makes tea rings, quiche, sausage, cranberry juice, and hot cocoa.
It is so delicious and it makes me think of home and the holidays.
So this week I went to a cookie exchange!
Every person that came brought about 2 dozen cookies, the kind of cookie was their choice. We has such a great variety of different kinds. Then we all sat around and visited while drinking hot wassail and hot cocoa and of course, cookie sampling. :)

At the end, we all exchanged the cookies and brought home a plate of cookie goodness to our families. It is such a great idea to save time on baking! You only have to make one kind and then after swapping, it looks like you have spent days in the kitchen doing your Christmas baking!

The top two levels are the chocolate brownie crinkle cookies dusted with powdered sugar. The bottom level is half chocolate chip and half cranberry almond.

On the left we have a shortbread cookie with walnuts and cranberries. On the right we have a soft sugar cookie made with sour cream, almond flavoring, and cream cheese frosting.

On the top we have a lacy oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. This lady also made an oatmeal apple cheddar cookie (not pictured) that was really different but very good. On the bottom we have little miniature pecan pies made in a mini muffin pan.

On the top we have "chocolate chip" cookies made with chocolate buttons instead of chips because chips are hard to find here. On the bottom, we have the cookies that I made. They are chocolate chunk cookies with a surprise in the middle. When you bite into them, there is a chocolate creme Oreo inside! That's why they are so big!

It was such a fun afternoon. I think I want to start this tradition for my famliy and friends every December. It is such a great idea! I will have everyone bring copies of the recipe to share so we can make it again if we wanted. I will also have people go around if they want to and share what cookie they brought and if it has any story behind it with their family or Christmas tradition linked to it.

Maybe it was their Great Grandmother's favorite cookie? Who knows?

But anyway, I think it is a fun tradition to start to get together with friends and visit, as well as see what kind of cookies other families make during this time of year!

Happy Baking!

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