Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day!!!

Christmas Day turned out to be lots of fun this year.
Since Christmas was on Sunday this year, of course we had church....
but in London it is kind of difficult to get to church when all the public transportation is closed!
Yes, all the buses, trains, tube stations, everything, closes down on Christmas.
You are stuck finding your own transportation method.
And since owning a car here is a luxury,
we thought that church was not in the cards for us for Christmas Day.
But our Bishop told us that if we could rent a car
that the funds would come from the ward budget!
So that is what we did.
There weren't that many cars left by this point, booking it so last minute,
so poor Nate had to walk about 2.5 miles each way to go and get the one and only car available.
Talk about getting your morning workout in early! :)
He picked me up, then we went and picked up Heather and Steven,
and off to church we went!
There were actually a lot of people there which I was surprised about
because lots of families are out of town for the holidays,
but they combined our ward, Whitechapel, and the Lea Valley Ward, so it was pretty packed.
It was nice to see everyone on Christmas, sing Christmas carols,
and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ.
Then we headed over to Heather and Steven's house for Christmas brunch!
We had cinnamon rolls, quiche, sausages, OJ, and crepes with all the fixins- maple syrup, nutella, bananas, strawberries, mascarpone cream cheese filling, spray whip cream, and chocolate sauce.
It came together perfectly and was a super yummy brunch!

Nate and I had decided not to get each other Christmas presents this year as a way to save money. We had talked about it about a month before Christmas. So I stick with what we decided and don't get him anything, but of course he cheats and gets me a present.
He then posted on Facebook later that night....
"My wife "forgot" to get me a Christmas present this year.....Sad."
Lots of people made comments about how sad that was, and how thoughtless I was, and my cousin even said that I reminded her of her ex-husband which was a slap in the face.
One friend said, "Mikelle would never forget that! I am sure she will surprise you with something really big and great tomorrow!" Thanks Ash.
They didn't know the truth of the matter, that's all.
Nate goes and makes me look like the bad wife when I was just sticking with what we decided!
I loved my present.
I had been eyeing it for a while every time I walked through Covent Garden shops....
A "London Loves Me!" sweatshirt!
I love it!
So cute how the "L" is Big Ben, and the "Me" is a red double decker London bus!
I wore it the next day of course.
Now I know that when Nate and I talk about not getting each other presents to save money,
that he is just joking and being silly. He doesn't really mean it.
He actually means the opposite of what he says.
Now I get it.....
Kind of like a girl when they are asked "Do you want to talk about it?" and they respond "No." But they really mean yes, but just want you to keep on asking them and give them attention before they finally talk about it.
Girls are complicated like that.
Or when a husband asks his wife that has been giving him the silent treatment
for the last hour if she is mad at him, and she says, "No....."
Actions speak louder than words, and her actions say "Yes."
For girls "No," most times means "Yes."
I guess I'll figure Nate out someday. :)

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