Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday Tube Photo Shoot

Sunday was a CRAZY but interesting day! Everyone has those days now and then when Sunday rolls around and you just don't feel like getting up and getting ready and going out the door to church.....I know everyone feels that way sometimes. Well, this Sunday was kind of like that but a little different. We wanted to go to church and we got all ready and out the door, but we couldn't get to church! Literally!
The ward that we are assigned to is pretty far away from us. We are on the very end of the ward boundaries and so it takes us anywhere between 45 minutes to get to church to a little over an hour, depending on the day. This week, we left extra early cause I was playing the piano in sacrament meeting so I wanted to be there to play prelude music. We got on the Bakerloo line and rode up to Oxford Circus and then transferred to the Victoria line where we usually ride up to Walthamstow Central where we get off for church. Well, this week, they were having severe delays on the Victoria line, so we were a little stuck. We got to Highbury and Islington station, and they got on the intercom and said that there were some problems with the connection communication between the train lines and they were worried to keep on going for fear of crashing into another train. So we were completely stuck. We waited for a while to see if maybe it would start up again. We played some Monopoly on Nate's Ipad. (Discount deal he got on Halloween, and it is way fun.) Sat around for a while. We even ran into another church member who is in the Bishoric and he said he was speaking in church so he was really concerned about now getting there! He eventually left and was going to attempt to go on a different route.....and the train never started, we sat and sat and sat. Pretty soon everyone else had left and we were the only ones still waiting having faith it would start soon. No luck.
By this time, we realized that no matter what we tried to do, we weren't making it to Sacrament meeting. No matter how hard I tried to get there, I wasn't playing the piano. I felt so bad. I felt like a flake.
So we realized that even if we tried to go another way we were going to miss at least half of church. The buses were probably packed with all the delays and non working tubes so that would be a disaster. (A friend told us later that the buses were so packed that they weren't even stopping at all the stops cause there wasn't any more room! He also said that none of the speakers made it to church and so they just had a testimony meeting and had the missionaries fill in. There were only a hand full of people there!) We didn't want to call a taxi because we didn't want to pay for it.....very pricey. So we knew that church just wasn't going to happen for us this week. :( So we decided to use our time wisely and do the next best thing!.................PHOTO SHOOT!!! :)

This is the stop that we got stuck at........Highbury and Islington.

The Underground is my new form of transportation here in London. Goodbye car, hello tube!

I know this seems silly......which it was, but I have always wanted to take some pics in the tube, but it is so hard because it is always packed full of people! This was the perfect opportunity when we were the only ones down there to snap some shots. Plus, I was already dressed up for church (wearing my first H&M dress) and took the time to curl my hair (this doesn't happen that often....lazy!) it seemed like the perfect opportunity. :) Nate kept on laughing at me and telling me how weird I was. :) I know! But I told him that he is weird sometimes too and that's ok. I still love him! But he was a good sport and went along with it. I offered to take his picture by the tube but he denied my offer. :)

So ya, this Sunday was a little different than usual, but we made the most of it. We finally got home and decided to read some scriptures so we could get our spiritual re-fill for the week. That was fun to read together with Nate and to discuss things together. I love being married!

Later on, I went to the Westminster Abbey Evensong service which was an interesting cultural experience. I knew that I wouldn't be available most Sundays to go to it, so I took advantage of the opportunity. The Westminster Abbey is where the royal couple, Kate and William, got married, so it is neat to say I went to a church service there. They had a beautiful choir that sang and it was very nice. I loved how the music and harmonies echoed throughout the huge building. I have always loved going to different churches because it really strengthens my own testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. I realize how grateful I am to have the full complete restored church of Jesus Christ and to be a member of it. What a blessing! Plus I think it is so interesting to see what other people believe and why they are the way they are. Every religion has so much good in it and so much truth, with such good people. It was a lovely afternoon.

Also, because Veterans Day was this week, there has been alot of things going on around the community to remember those that have died. When I was walking to the Abbey, there was a small street parade of people waving the British flag.

At the Abbey, there were crosses stuck in the grass to remember those who fought and died. It was such a sight to see so many crosses. It really makes you remember and appreciate.

On my walk home, I passed by the protesters. These tents have been here for about 1 month now. They have been protesting for a while, I am not even sure about what......but it is funny to see them sleeping in these tents for so long.

Here is the Abbey from a different angle. Such a pretty building.

Here is a memorial that was lit up for Veterans Day weekend. It was dressed with wreaths made out of poppy flowers.

The weather has been beautiful here lately and very warm for November. I love walking around in London and exploring new things. It still hits me sometimes that I am really here and that I live here. Crazy to think. It is such a gorgeous part of the world with so much history. I feel so grateful to live here!

So that was my Sunday......unlike any other. :)


  1. So beautiful Mikelle! I'm so jealous (in a good, non-mean way!)

  2. I didn't realize you guys are in LONDON! My cousin is there for a year while her husband gets his MBA. I'd be happy to give you her contact info if you guys want to meet up with some other LDS kids from the colonies!