Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Morning at St. Paul's Cathedral!

I never thought that on Thanksgiving morning I would be going to church, let alone The Church of England, in London. But this happened this year and it was actually really fun!

St. Paul's Cathedral holds an annual Thanksgiving American service every Thanksgiving morning. It is put on by the leaders of The American Church of England, and The American Church of London. Leaders of the American Embassy are also there and other American community members. They all work together to put on this fantastic service. The service wasn't even religion based really, but they mostly talked about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what it is supposed to mean. They talked about football, the wishbone, canned cranberry sauce having the rings around it, being with family and friends, being at home, and gratitude. It actually made me really homesick, but it was super fun. The hymns that they sang were the same Thanksgiving hymns in the LDS hymnbook, so I was singing right along! :) Then everyone donated money to a homeless shelter for youth, for each youth to have a Christmas dinner and a gift on Christmas day. It was a great day. Plus, if I am being honest, it was refreshing to hear people speaking in American accents for a whole hour. Oh how I miss those nasal-y "rrrrr" sounds. :)

Another bonus was that I got to go inside and tour St. Paul's without paying a single pence. Usually it is around 14 pounds to go in and look around, but this way I got a great experience, and got to save some money while doing it! :)

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